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5 Methods to Preempt Team Conflict

There is equilibrium in the team conflict spectrum. A little conflict can produce great, innovative results, but bad conflict can result in all-out anarchy. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Ginka Toegel and Jean-Louis Barsoux discuss how taking a proactive stance with team conflict often inspires the best outcomes. So Many Conflicts The best medicine is preventative medicine. Supervisors should set aside some time for teams to be encouraged to communicate with one another. …

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The High (and Often Hidden) Costs of Project Team Dysfunction

The dream team: a collection of people who all get along and perform beyond any manager’s wildest dreams. This elusive dream is typically not the norm, and unfortunately most managers will have to learn how to deal with a team laden with issues. In an article for TechRepublic, Moira Alexander delves into this issue of dysfunctional teams and their cost. Everyone Loses To begin with, how do teams become dysfunctional? According to Patrick Lencioni, the …

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The Five Ways to Motivate Your Project Team

Happiness and motivation seem to go hand-in-hand, especially in the world of project management. At Voices on Project Management, Lynda Bourne expands upon her idea that a happy team is a motivated team by using Dr. David Rock’s “SCARF” model, which provides information about how motivation actually works. The SCARF model acronym stands for five elements: Status Certainty Autonomy Relatedness Fairness People by nature are driven by the need for heightened self-esteem, and one factor …

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6 Ways You’re Getting Teamwork Wrong

Teamwork can help to inspire innovative ideas, as well as better manage a long project to-do list. However, if you do not know how to use teamwork properly, you could make things worse instead of better. In an article for CIO.com, Sharon Florentine elaborates on simple ideas that can help maximize the potential of teamwork. There are six areas of flawed teamwork that need some reworking: Understanding what actually makes a good team The overemphasis …

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6 Ways to Grow Your Team Members that Will Please Clients

In state government IT, teams very likely will be made up of a blend of state employees and consultants. These days, skilled workers are not content to keep the same skills. They hunger for newer and better ways to develop solutions. These are exactly the type of consultant you want on your team, but you won’t keep them long if you don’t make an effort to help them in their development. You as the project …

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