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What Google Learned from Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team

No two teams are quite alike, because they are all made of different people with different perspectives and motivations. So what definitively distinguishes a good team from a mediocre one? It is Perfection. In an article for The New York Times Magazine, Charles Duhigg explores the new data that reveals why some groups are more successful than others. Feeling Out Perfection Many firms engage in “employee performance optimization,” or the analysis and improvement of individual …

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Are You Really Collaborating? Too Much Communication Also Kills Projects

The value of collaboration within a project Project management is very task-oriented: focused defining and managing of all the tasks that must be done to achieve a specific objective. To accomplish these tasks, it is important to consider the people involved and impacted by the project. A good project leader will be able to develop a positive working relationship and maximize communication within the project. Let’s take the development of an enterprise IT application to support …

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