Beginners Guide to IT Portfolio Management: 6 Tips

The project portfolio management (PPM) is a process familiar to the project managers and PMOs. PPM helps in analyzing the return on a project by uniting and organizing every bit of data for a proposed and ongoing project. In this article at Thinking Portfolio, the author shares some productive tricks for the PPM beginners to ease their way. The PPM managers are responsible for predicting and analyzing risks for the companies aiming to invest in …

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Breaking Talent Shortage with Educator Alliances

With the technology innovations gaining pace at a high rate, most of the job profiles across organizations are evolving rapidly as well. However, the development or nurturing of talent is not happening at an equal pace. Thus, the job market faces a big gap in terms of talent shortage across industries. In this article at Harvard Business Review Timm Runnion and Ivana Gibson share their thoughts on resolving the issues around talent shortages by partnering …

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6 Ways Digital Marketers Can Employ Big Data

The big data process is about collecting and storing large amount of data to analyze and predict potential customer base. If applied accurately, big data has the ability to change the buying behavior of customers. In this article at IT Chronicles, Nick Brown notifies how big data can help in adjusting part of a marketing campaign that may bring better returns and opportunities with minor investments. Integrate Analytics The conventional marketing campaigns were limited to …

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Configuration Managers

Service asset and configuration management might fall under the category of “boring but necessary” work. But if you are really passionate about it, you can make it “exciting and business-enabling.” In a post at his blog, Joe the IT Guy shares seven tips to be a great configuration manager: Watch for scope creep. Baseline your production environment. Share the load. Examine your lifecycle. Build checks into processes to verify the configuration management database (CMDB). Be …

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