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5 Reasons to Hire Resources with a Higher Emotional Quotient

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to remain aware, hold control and express emotions to handle interpersonal relationships gently. To take the lead, having a cohesive work culture is the need of the hour for a strong business. In this article at, Denese Skinner explains that a conceptualized hiring strategy can lead to hiring best-fit employees. However, making a good hiring decision starts by creating a highly detailed and specific job description designed to …

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No More Conventional Meetings! Daily Stand-Ups Takeover

For years, people complain about extended multiple meetings in project management. Many drop the idea of getting into this field considering the hours of meetings in it. Experts suggest that most of the project managers spend almost half of their working time in meetings. In this article at The Enterprisers Project, Carla Rudder explains why taking daily stand-ups over conventional meetings is essential if an organization wants fast growth. Stay up to Speed The author …

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5 Smart Ways CIOs Can Manage Multiple Teams

With high business needs, CIOs with technical mindset is fading away gradually. Every organization wants to hire someone who can efficiently handle multiple tasks and teams. The CIOs with a strong sense of business and efficiency to multitask is worth a million dollar. In this article at CIO, Chloe Dobinson shares some sure shot tips for CIOs to scale up their game and enable them to handle more than usual teams together. Act of Balancing …

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Beginners Guide to IT Portfolio Management: 6 Tips

The project portfolio management (PPM) is a process familiar to the project managers and PMOs. PPM helps in analyzing the return on a project by uniting and organizing every bit of data for a proposed and ongoing project. In this article at Thinking Portfolio, the author shares some productive tricks for the PPM beginners to ease their way. The PPM managers are responsible for predicting and analyzing risks for the companies aiming to invest in …

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Still Procrastinating? Here are 7 Ways to Deal with It

The prevalence of procrastination is consistent across allies, gender, and nationalities. Yet, researchers are unable to identify any suitable way that helps people not to miss a deadline. In this article at Strategy-Business, Theodore Kinni shares his perspective on managing procrastinators. He says that employee’s lack of productivity can cause a mess for planning, productivity, team performance, and anything else dependent on a coordinated activity or to a schedule. Leader’s Call In such circumstances, the …

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5 Reasons to Let Go of Traditional Meetings

Traditional meeting setups have a big ‘boring’ tag along with them. Though they are essential for strategic collaborations and decision-making, yet they end up consuming a major fraction of your productive work hours. Thus, many professionals consider them as a waste of valuable time. In this article at The Enterprisers Project, Carla Rudder tells how you can let go of these boring sessions by adopting the new trending ‘stand-up meeting’ culture. The Meeting Anxiety Most …

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6 Professional Barriers That Should Never Be Crossed

The relationship between a boss and employee depends on their compatibility and the rapport they share. However, in a professional environment, there are certain limits that a boss should never cross while dealing with his/her team member. In this article at TechRepublic, Toni Bowers lists out six ways to tell that your boss has crossed the line of professional behavior. The Code of Conduct Most leaders fail to identify their own loopholes and understand they …

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Bringing Innovation into Corporate Culture

If you want to bring innovation into the company, you must first change the corporate culture. Organizations must encourage new ideas and the discussion forum should invite employees irrespective of corporate hierarchies. In this article at ZDNet, Mark Samuels talks to four innovation experts about bringing innovation into the corporate culture. Corporate Culture that Drives Innovation If your company wants digital transformation, it should create a corporate culture that is ready to take up challenges. …

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How IT Departments Could Become Strategic Efficient

The IT department of an organization holds a strong position unless it loses touch with the organization’s strength and service-oriented approach. The key here is to remain focused on strategic thinking which is not as easy as it seems. Many barriers are there to block the way. In this article at TechSpective, Nancy Van Elsacker Louisnord outlines some easy ways for an organization to turn its IT department strategically efficient. Set Objective In technology-led organizations …

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Order & Teamwork: The Indispensable Needs of a Project

Order and teamwork are two strong pillars of project management that are not a once and for all action, but an evolutionary activity. It demands the project managers to read the internal and external environment and apply their emotional intelligence skills. In this article at Liquid Planner, Christian Knutson defines a three-step process to create order and establish teamwork in a multi-stakeholder project. Order to Teamwork In the process of project delivery, the deliberate actions …

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