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A Grim Portrait: The Current State of IT Project Failure

Where do we stand with IT project failure? Are success rates in the industry improving? Frankly, not really. At best, the same dreary old rates are holding steady. Let’s examine recent big-name stories and industry statistics of IT project failure in order to both understand what exactly is going on and also to find ways to buck the trend moving forward. Recent IT Project Failures NHS IT Projects (£5bn) at ‘High Risk’ of Failure – …

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Easing into Agile: 5 Painless Steps towards Adoption for the Resistant

I recall that during an agency meeting conducted to plan the kick-off for a new project, I recommended that the project be done using an agile approach. Although some in the meeting were interested, the key project sponsors were not willing to risk departing from an established and familiar project planning methodology that was in place. It is often true that state government administration offices develop, recommend, and in some cases enforce the use of …

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6 Ways to Grow Your Team Members that Will Please Clients

In state government IT, teams very likely will be made up of a blend of state employees and consultants. These days, skilled workers are not content to keep the same skills. They hunger for newer and better ways to develop solutions. These are exactly the type of consultant you want on your team, but you won’t keep them long if you don’t make an effort to help them in their development. You as the project …

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3 Technologies that Have Made Project Management Easier

Technology has a huge impact on effective project management. In the recent times, application of technology has played an integral part in the effective running of a project. Applying the right technology to a project can streamline the procedures to be undertaken in that project and simultaneously speed up task completion time. It can also improve risk assessment techniques, communication, and control scheduling. Therefore, project management can be exponentially easier if only you apply the …

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Software Nightmare at 37,000 ft.

There’s something about a long, nighttime flight that focusses the mind. Whether it’s the feeling of being held captive, or the grinning steward charging you an arm and a leg for a G & T and some nuts; it could just be the feeling of powerlessness, or perhaps the sense of injustice that the guy with the open-toed sandals and the adenoid problem has chosen to sit beside you. Hostages, extortion, injustice. It all sounds …

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10 Tips for Presenting to Senior Executives: The Bottom Line Up-Front Briefing

The opportunity to present to senior executives is a good news and bad news venture. The good news is that it gives the presenter the chance to showcase his or her capability before the people in the organization who have great influence on promotions, assignments, etc. The bad news is that a poor presentation to these senior people can cast a giant shadow over the presenter’s future. An old saying is particularly apt—People may not …

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