How Can CIOs’ Smart Moves Shape Good Company Culture?

A good company culture is a driving force for effective customer service and new opportunities. It is the responsibility of every CIO to integrate a culture that pays attention to employees and customers.

In this article at CIO, the author quotes the 2018 CIO Gartner agenda that cites work culture and people as the biggest barriers to an organization’s success.

Innovation & Change Initiative

The Gartner agenda suggests that many CIOs are experimenting with innovation and change initiatives to build successful pilot projects. Even this can be changed. By following these easy steps, CIOs can deliver a good company culture:

  • Communicate Expectations: Implementing a tight-knit company culture helps in boosting the overall customer experience. To do the same, the CIOs must communicate with team members about the cultural expectations of the business.
  • Learning Experience: The CIOs can learn from their own experiences and reflect it on the mistakes they have made. A positive attitude for accepting the mistakes brings better outcomes than negative uproar.
  • Fitting Employees: It is utmost essential to have a well-structured team that that can showcase their individual skills to help the company move ahead. A range of diverse employees with unique strengths will aid in building a great company culture. CIOs need to look for hiring a diverse range of skills and experiences to promote a healthy work culture.
  • Innovation: This implies staying ahead of the latest technologies and experiences that may upsurge customer satisfaction while finding ways to improve customer service.
  • Leadership Traits: CIOs’ leadership skills can determine team motivation, promote cultural aspects of the organization and focus on business engagement. They need to maintain ways to regularly check and follow-up the business forward for embracing cultural change.

The author believes that it is pivotal for the CIOs to prioritize what is essential for their organization’s development while making sure that all team members are also aware of the developments. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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