3 Panic Buttons CIOs Must Avoid Pressing

IT was considered as a costly business in the past and it used to require good investment. But with the advent of digital transformation, CIOs have become the driving force behind businesses to generate revenue.

In this article at CIO Dive, Eric Johnson explains that with big role comes huge responsibilities and a CIO’s stress level bounces up every now and then.

The Challenging Role of a CIO

One of the biggest challenges of a CIO’s role is to be the face of risk and compliance. The company’s profit or loss is mostly in the hands of the CIOs. The stress is paramount, and they need to strike a healthy balance between new expectations and personal solace. Here are three tips for CIOs to avoid sleepless nights:

  1. Avoid a Fear-Based Approach to Compliance: Often CIOs and CSOs take a fear-based approach to drive governance and funding which is inappropriate. Developing transparency and education is the best approach. CIOs should aim for providing a clear outline of business tradeoffs aligning diverse levels of security and compliance.
  2. Discuss Risks with the Executive Team: Often assumptions are made without clear articulation or documentation of risk tolerance. Governance and growth demand a delicate balance. The CIOs must ensure to understand the tradeoffs, communicate options with the executive team, and sign a collective pact on the level of risks the company can afford and what it takes to get there.
  3. Remain Updated: With fast emerging regulations and companies becoming more privacy and consumer-centric, the CIOs need to stay up-to-date and keep a close tab on evolving compliance and global risk policies.

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