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5 ‘SMART’ Goals Project Managers Must Achieve

Management goals and objectives are helpful enough for project managers to achieve desired outcomes. Enough has been said and done in the past to gain business growth, but if the project managers try some SMART goals in the project process, they can bring out even better results.

In this article at Project Manager, Peter Landau explains SMART as Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Related. The acronym was first published in the magazine Management Review in 1981. If used appropriately, the project managers can achieve desired objectives with the SMART goals.

SMART Definition

The author further explains that the acronym of SMART is a way to understand the ‘specific’ needs of a project. The more a project manager focuses on the ‘specifics’, the better result he can get. To achieve a SMART goal, it must be ‘measurable’ and managers must closely monitor progress. They must know the real picture of their goals if they are ‘achievable’ or ‘relevant’ to the purpose of the project. Also, fix ‘time’ to meet the deadlines and accomplish the project within the time and budget committed to the client or stakeholder.

Creating SMART Goals

The process of SMART goal starts with questioning yourself and the clients. The project managers must gather enough information about the project that they can answer any query the team come up with. Also, it is their responsibility to question the clients and clear their doubts at the beginning of the project.

Answers to the queries will help them reach one step closer to the project goals. Also, being positive is mandatory for any project manager as their positive attitude reflects on the team’s attitude of winning.

The author believes that SMART can be applicable to any goals. Be flexible and open to revision, as and when required. Monitor and evaluate key project metrics to ensure if your project goals are SMART enough to attain. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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