How to Plan Your Risk Management from End to End

Project risk management continues to hold the championship belt for the most important-yet-ignored aspect of project management. That is not a wrestling league you want to be a part of. So in a post at the Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall shares some quick advice for planning your risk management from start to finish on a project.

Whatcha Gonna Do, Brother?

Hall says that your risk management plan is not your risk register, but rather just your general approach to risk. And with that in mind, Hall has some tips. First among them is to review lessons learned from similar past projects. If lessons learned were not documented on those projects, then reach out to the managers themselves for their thoughts.

After that, decide what things you would like to incorporate in your risk management plan, considering assorted elements like project risk background, methodology, and roles and responsibilities. Follow that up by deciding what additional expertise you will need to make your plan robust. Additional help might come from places like finance, IT, and HR. Once you have done those things, you are ready to actually build the risk management plan. This will likely be accomplished through a combination of interviews, meetings, and data analysis.

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