Easy Ways to Reenergize Your Meetings

There are enough bad meetings in the universe that you would probably be hailed as a hero if you could be the one to run meetings that people actually like. Do you want to be that hero? In a post at the Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall discusses some low-maintenance ways to inject real energy into your meetings.

Electric Results

For semi-regular meetings, just changing the location or the time of day can be an easy way to add new zest to the meeting. A meeting held outside in sunlight will probably inspire different feelings and perspectives than one held indoors. Likewise, a morning meeting might get people thinking in different ways than they do in the late afternoon, and vice versa. Hall also recommends trying out a walking meeting, which is exactly what it sounds like—meet while walking.

Another tip is to use different facilitation techniques in the meeting:

A bad habit is using the round robin every meeting. You start with the person on your left and you rotate from one person to another for updates. Use a different technique such as a whiteboard for example. Ask for the most significant limiting factors on your project and capture them on the whiteboard.

In meetings with a large group of people, assign specific roles to individuals—like time-keeper and minutes-taker—to keep things moving along, and then rotate those roles each meeting. And for dreaded all-day meetings, anticipate that people will tire out by bringing in snacks and coffee for an energy boost. Additionally, encourage people to divide into groups to discuss a challenge, so that more people get a say and engagement increases.

In the end, remember that the goal of a meeting should be to solve problems and create a clear path forward.

For even more tips on how to spice up meetings, you can view the original post here: http://projectriskcoach.com/revitalize-meetings/

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