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Untangling 7 Threads of True Service Leadership

In service support, those who take the lead best improve their reputations. And of course, more importantly, they put in the fullest and most invested effort. Philippa Hale and Jean Gamester write for The ITSM Review about the various threads that come together to make a leader. There are many ways we can lead through service support:

Authentic and effective leadership is happening at all levels; [t]he person who inspires others to act quickly in an emergency, who admits a mistake promptly to minimize its impact or who speaks out when something has been bothering the team or great service isn’t being delivered; the person who mends fences between teams. All of this is leadership.

Like a thread, each leadership angle flows through the project with no explicit beginning or end. It just takes a little effort to keep the threads untangled.

Observation & Presentation

Observation is the first thread. There will always be ideas to be fact-checked, opportunities to be noticed, costs to be weighed and risks to be identified. The second thread is selling, or at least presenting, support to stakeholders, new team members, suppliers, customers – you become the mouthpiece and motivation of support.

Planning, Team Building, Engagement

The third thread involves planning. Sure the project is in full swing and the blueprints have already been laid out, but change requires constant update and constant collaboration / co-planning with those around you. In the fourth instance, building a team is something you’ll want to focus on throughout the service journey. You’ll always be building bonds between different people, or supporting those in need. Fifth, project engagement is a thread that must be considered for the sake of tracking the effects of the project, its politics, level of disruption, and change resistance, among other factors.

Self-Management & Milestones

A sixth thread involves you directly. This is the thread of personal leadership style, managing stress and workload, and keeping our judgment free of stress and distraction. The last thread is about continual learning and the celebrating of achievements. Each success is built on previous success, with lessons learned along the way.

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Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson is a staff writer for CAI's Accelerating IT Success. He is an intern at Computer Aid Inc., pursuing his master's degree in communications at Penn State University.

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