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Key Project Management Methodologies

It’s all about strategy. Whether designing for social change, optimizing data processes, or synergizing for maximum integration, an effective management method exists that can help you organize and strategize your way to victory. Michelle Symonds, a qualified PRINCE2 project manager writing for PM Hut, compares four project methodologies representing four unique approaches.

Outcome Mapping

If your business model is oriented toward social change, Outcome Mapping might be the right strategy. Often used by charities, Outcome Mapping will involve mostly record-keeping and design. It doesn’t measure solid outcomes like finances, so traditional businesses should be wary of this PM methodology.

DMAIC & Six Sigma

The Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control method relates to the optimization of data. It is important for projects that focus on improvement external to the Six Sigma approach. Symonds gives a brief overview of the five DMAIC processes.

  • “Define” refers to knowing what the project is about, its purpose, and its expectations.

  • “Measure” is about knowing how to record the project’s progress.

  • “Analyze” is the category for risk management and performance review.

  • “Improve” is geared toward identifying and solving root problems.

  • “Control” means taking implementing standards and best practices based on previous experience.


Finally, as an extension of DMAIC, Six Sigma utilizes the first five steps with the added category of Synergize. The synergize aspect allows improvements made though the DMAIC process to be integrated throughout the whole company.


In elementary school, children will sometimes arrange art projects on a board to display in classrooms or hallways. Kanban, which involves placing and rearranging project elements on a board for different team members to see, is similar to those hallway art projects. With Kanban, visibility is a big advantage, since those involved in a project can monitor the group’s progress, viewing at any stage how their efforts fit into the overall picture.

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