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5 Tips for Project Managers to Work with the IT Help Desk

Most projects today involve some sort of IT-related element, and this means that you will likely be interacting with the IT help desk. In a post for A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin discusses how to build a better working relationship with the help desk, service desk, or whatever they are called in your organization. Let’s Help Each Other When the project ends, you will likely move on, but IT will still be …

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10 Powerful Questions in a Checklist to Save Your Projects

The CHAOS Reports have been published every year since 1994 and are a snapshot of the state of the software development industry. The Standish Group 2015 Chaos Report studied 50,000 projects around the world, ranging from small enhancements to massive systems implementations. It revealed that 29% of the projects were successful, 52% were challenged, and 19% failed. Successful projects were defined as projects that were completed on time, on budget, with a satisfactory result. If …

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The Top Three Ways Project Managers Need to Improve

Project managers have come a long way with their craft, but the best leaders understand that there is always more room for growth. In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, project leadership coach Susanne Madsen elaborates on three areas in which project managers can improve to make their position even more effective: Managing their workload through delegation Improving emotional intelligence Engaging the team collaboratively Better Manager, Better Project Many project managers find their workload …

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How to Be a Productive Project Manager: 7 Tips

Many project managers feel overwhelmed with emails, phone calls, and meetings. They often work overtime, but few feel as though they are making progress. Although we are all given the same amount of time each day, some project managers are able to produce greater value for their organizations. Some are more engaged. Imagine yourself as a more productive project manager, one with greater capacity and energy to complete each day’s tasks. Let’s look at common …

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