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A Five-Phase Approach to Launching a PMO

Having a project management office (PMO) is never a bad idea. PMOs offer the potential to positively transform a business, making them a hot area for improvement. In a post for Voices on Project Management, Mario Trentim explains the five-phase process to best implement a PMO: Assess Define Implement Improve Close out The Office Is Open The first step is to understand your organization and assess the current state of any project management practices. Before …

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4 Questions to Ask When You’re Asked to Help Set Up a New PMO

It is an adventure when your organization decides to make the full jump from project management infrastructure to a formal project management office (PMO). However, if you are tasked with leading this transformation, you may find yourself wondering where to begin. In an article for Project Smart, Brad Egeland discusses the four questions that need to be asked in order to establish the best PMO: What types of projects will the PMO be responsible for, …

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