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Team Motivation Can Bring Out More: 5 Tips

A leader is as good as his team. It is his job to set the bar, inspire, and motivate the team to reach greater heights. The fundamentals of leadership do not change in good or bad times. But if you constantly motivate your team, each team member will lead you through the hard times. In this article at Team Gantt, Laura LaPrad shares some motivational tips to help the team cross the finish line faster …

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3 Ways CIOs Can Influence CEOs to Back IT

Though IT has taken a center stage in the digital transformation, CIOs still cannot convince CEOs to think about IT strategically. A recent survey explains that 52 percent of the leaders confirmed to performing a more strategic role now. However, 38 percent report that their CEOs believe their role as a ‘cost center’ instead of a ‘revenue generator.’ In this article at CIO, Isaac Sacolick shares 3 ways that CIOs can influence CEOs to back …

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Can You Identify Your Mobile Product Manager?

Do you want to work in the world of mobile app development? And, you do not have any clue about the prospective product manager’s attitude, method of work, and behavior, apart from the expectations from you. Then, be ready to deal with these characteristics in the future. In this article at Business2Community, Hannah Levenson defines types of mobile product managers existing in the world of app development. Knowing about their traits will help you guard …

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Guard Your Venture with These Risk Management Tips

The success of a venture largely depends on the company’s ability to recognize and manage risks. Being the second name of the business, risk is everywhere. With the fast-growing digital and interconnected global environment, business risks are occurring with even greater frequency. In this article at Infiniti Research, Anirban Choudhury explains that constant innovations and change in ways to operate have increased the chances of risk in organizations. Therefore, conventional measures are not enough to …

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Still Procrastinating? Here are 7 Ways to Deal with It

The prevalence of procrastination is consistent across allies, gender, and nationalities. Yet, researchers are unable to identify any suitable way that helps people not to miss a deadline. In this article at Strategy-Business, Theodore Kinni shares his perspective on managing procrastinators. He says that employee’s lack of productivity can cause a mess for planning, productivity, team performance, and anything else dependent on a coordinated activity or to a schedule. Leader’s Call In such circumstances, the …

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Failure in Project Management? 7 Steps to Avoid It

Project failure can because of numerous reasons, poor project management is one of them. From the conception to its completion, as a manager, you must lead to a beneficial end. In this article at Project Times, Christine Maugustus shares the 7 steps that you can employ to avoid project management failure. 7 Steps to Project Management Success As a manager, you must look after all the aspects of project management and make the project a …

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Why Don’t We Have More Time for Strategic Thinking?

Being strategic is one of the top priorities for any leadership role. A recent survey conducted by HBR suggests that about 97 percent of 10,000 senior leaders believe strategy planning to be a key differentiating factor for driving business. However, another survey revealed that 96 percent of leaders fall short of time for strategic thinking. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Dorie Clark enlists few key reasons for this misalignment between the intended goals …

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10 Useful Internet Trends for IT Leaders

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Beyers partner Mary Meeker has recently published the much-anticipated internet trends report. While the smartphone popularity has somewhat stabilized, the report could not find a lot of new internet consumers. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Kevin Casey lists 10 quick internet trends useful for IT leaders. 10 Internet Highlights for IT Leaders Since its first rollout, Meeker’s internet trends report has always been a hot topic to talk about. …

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Learn to Earn More in 10 Smart Ways

Growing organizations aim to stick their upper management by giving them a big hike every year. But what about those reliable hardworking employees who work at the ground level. The desired raise could be hard for them to achieve. However, that does not mean they do not get it at all. In this article at Project Manager, Jason Westland shares how the project teams can ask for a raise without risking their reputation with their …

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10 Must-Reads to Scale up Your Emotional Quotient

The leadership practices across industries have undergone a huge transformation over the past decade. Gone are those days when executives or managers with autocratic modus operandi were believed to be successful leaders. With the change in global work culture, leadership approaches have also evolved to a different tangent. In this article at The Enterprisers Project, Carla Rudder brings to you 10 impressive must-reads on the new version of leadership and management. ‘The Emotional Quotient’ Emotional …

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