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Balance Incident and Change (or Prepare for a Thursday Beatdown)

Recently, as part of a professional networking organization, I was tasked with scheduling a session for like-minded colleagues. The challenge, I soon found, was that while most people were good with Thursday, one service desk manager was adamant that he couldn’t make it. When I asked why, he said they are almost always overloaded with incidents on Thursday, so the likelihood of making it was next to nil. Intrigued by his ability to see into …

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What Will Make Your Development Run Faster?

The world may be rotating just about the same speed as it ever has, but everything else about the world is speeding up, especially IT processes. In a post for Valorize IT, the push for bimodal IT is analyzed for how it might accelerate development. Bimodal IT is the adaptation of two different processes. One process is likely the new red racer, speeding past the other, slower processes. The second is the older processes that …

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How to Execute Reliable Change Management

The motivation behind every project is to successfully implement change that will help the organization to progress further. Change management helps the people affected by the change to smoothly transition. In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, project leadership coach Susanne Madsen explores the basics of starting successful change management. Changing the Way We Change Change management will never be effective if it sets out to “sell” a person the change, they should be …

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