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How Risks Can Make or Break Brand Value

Risks are threats that are yet to become issues. With new technologies empowering customers, neglecting risks can affect your company’s brand value too. Facebook learned it the hard way. In this article at InformationWeek, John Edwards shared the views of Steven Minsky, the CEO of enterprise risk management software provider LogicManager, in this regard. Playing with Risks Minsky, the author of “The State of Risk Management in 2018,” opines that companies are experiencing a “see-through …

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Facebook Moving Towards New Privacy Experience

In wake of the recent data leakage incident, Facebook is striving hard to rebuild its image when it comes to user data privacy and security. In this news update, IDG News Service brings out some important changes that Facebook is willing to implement to regain the trust and confidence of its users. What’s New? As an initial step, Facebook wants to empower the users with their own decision-making ability. They want the users to decide …

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Consider These 6 AI Challenges Before Adoption

Throughout 2017, from CIOs to academics to media, everyone was excited about AI. The hype went on increasing until an Uber self-driving car caused the death of a woman in Arizona. Just a week before the accident, MIT Technology Review published an article that made an eye-opening enquiry—who is responsible for an AI-led death. In this article at CIO, Client Boulton shares with you 6 challenges of artificial intelligence that you must analyze before adopting …

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8 GDPR Facts Leaders Should Know About

European Union claims General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as the most significant rule on data privacy implemented in 20 years. Companies must secure personal information under this mandate. Service providers and information security agents should be aware of the rules and regulations. However, IT leaders must understand how GDPR changes the IT and business landscape. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Stephanie Overby briefs about the 8 key facts that leaders should be aware …

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5 Steps to Prevent GDPR Data Risks

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is already a hit in terms of new events or change. Data leaders are aware of this term by now as they are the ones that get to deal with it sooner or later. After the establishment of the Code of Fair Information Practices in 1973, GDPR is being claimed to be making the biggest impact on privacy regulation. In this article at CIO, Rohan Light discusses the SLAs you …

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5 IT Practices That Put Enterprises at Risk

Every year, millions of dollars are lost to cyber-related incidents. Cybersecurity has been put at the forefront of the conversation, and companies are trying to protect themselves the best they can. But there are some simple things that companies can do to protect themselves. In an article on Dark Reading, Darren McCue says which five IT practices are putting enterprises at risk: Using old printers Disregarding alerts Giving away admin rights Ignoring employee apps Being …

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3 Tips for Better Security Investment

The time has come for IT leaders to shift their focus to next year’s budget. Information security will play a major role in the growth of any company that is looking to stay competitive, but security is a difficult position. Having to juggle limited professionals in the field, tighter timelines, and a broader scope of activities will create complications for the field moving forward. In an article for InformationWeek, Andrew Horne gives some tips for …

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