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IT-Business Alignment

Consider These 6 AI Challenges Before Adoption

Throughout 2017, from CIOs to academics to media, everyone was excited about AI. The hype went on increasing until an Uber self-driving car caused the death of a woman in Arizona. Just a week before the accident, MIT Technology Review published an article that made an eye-opening enquiry—who is responsible for an AI-led death. In this article at CIO, Client Boulton shares with you 6 challenges of artificial intelligence that you must analyze before adopting …

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10 Business Tips from CTOs to Developers

Chief Technology Officers supervise developers in a product or service development process. However, frictions between them and developers occur, and the reason is lack of effective communication, says Qwyit CTO and founder Paul McGough. In this article at TechRepublic, Alison DeNisco Rayome shares the 10 tips that CTOs must give to developers. 10 Ways to Bridge the Gap in Understanding All do not have the same level of skills or understanding in a development team. …

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8 GDPR Facts Leaders Should Know About

European Union claims General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as the most significant rule on data privacy implemented in 20 years. Companies must secure personal information under this mandate. Service providers and information security agents should be aware of the rules and regulations. However, IT leaders must understand how GDPR changes the IT and business landscape. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Stephanie Overby briefs about the 8 key facts that leaders should be aware …

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3 Tips to Bring Revenue Focus to IT Successfully

A recent Harvey Nash survey reveals that 64 percent of CIOs were asked by CEOs to lead IT in making money rather than saving it. To make this possible, an organization must reevaluate itself in terms of corporate culture, infrastructure, employment, etc. Abbie Lundberg asked 15 CIOs about revenue strategies. Out of these CIOs, Lundberg had a panel discussion with 3 IT leaders at Red Hat’s Open Innovation Labs. In this article at the Enterprisers …

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In Pursuit of an Agile Business Culture

Sales and marketing might hate the new system IT implemented, while IT simultaneously believes the new system is the greatest thing since Rocky IV. And the weird thing is that both sides might have a leg to stand on. Still, such discrepancies must be smoothed out in the pursuit of an agile business culture. In an article for CIO magazine, Nathan Shinn contributes some advice to foster alignment. Better Buy-in IT views itself as a …

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IT versus the Organization

There is a disconnect between IT priorities and organizational priorities, but in a new and surprising way. As John Edwards shares in an article at InformationWeek, the 2018 SIM IT Trends Study finds that IT-business alignment is the #2 priority of organizations—and only the #4 priority for IT. Edwards discusses such discrepancies and what can be done about them. Colliding Perspectives Interestingly, the skills shortage is the #3 concern to IT, whereas it is the …

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Through Love and Hate, Keep Tightening the IT-Business Bond

The year 2018 is being looked at as a time in which IT-business alignment starts to enjoy the fruits of its labor. But there are bumps in the road with every relationship, especially business relationships. In an article for InformationWeek, Esther Shein shares how various businesses treat this relationship—through good times and bad. Ups and Downs One of the most common ways that the business and IT fall out of alignment is that the business …

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3 Steps for IT to Learn to Talk Business

The easiest way to capture someone’s attention is to offer them something exciting. However, what a system admin finds exciting might be different than what excites an executive. IT needs to recognize that nuance. In an article for Smarter with Gartner, Chris Pemberton gives three steps for how IT can learn to talk business. All the Right Words Pemberton says to focus on the business’s wants and desires first so you can tailor your response …

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How You Can Improve Business Support

While on a support call recently, I had the misfortune of suffering through long hold times, dreary music, and being transferred from person to person with no end in sight. While I waited I had plenty of time to think about what could be done better not just for this experience, but also from my own perspective to improve interactions with my own business. Listen More, Speak Less First, start by listening to your business—really …

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Using the Hierarchy of Purpose to Prioritize Your Company’s Projects

Every business makes an effort to track and prioritize projects, but too many of those efforts are hollow. For instance, implementing a project management tool to track projects and compare benefits will do no good if nobody can be convinced to use it. It requires a comprehensive and committed strategy to understand a business’s project portfolio and plan accordingly. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez introduces the “hierarchy of purpose” to achieve …

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