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Learn the Art of Project Schedule Estimate: 3 Ways

Schedule estimation is a process that needs gradual refinement, to be done in several phases of the project development. Each project estimate should be refined to give a converged estimate towards the project end. When framing plans before starting a project, there is insufficient information to estimate with any degree of accuracy. In this article at The Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall explains ways to combat project estimation challenges and suggests some techniques to respond …

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Beginners Guide to IT Portfolio Management: 6 Tips

The project portfolio management (PPM) is a process familiar to the project managers and PMOs. PPM helps in analyzing the return on a project by uniting and organizing every bit of data for a proposed and ongoing project. In this article at Thinking Portfolio, the author shares some productive tricks for the PPM beginners to ease their way. The PPM managers are responsible for predicting and analyzing risks for the companies aiming to invest in …

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Are You Reporting Right for PPM?

Reporting for project portfolio management (PPM) has become essential. Documentation, meeting minutes, and user surveys are quite a common phenomenon in other departments. It is slowly becoming a part of PPM too. In this article at Meisterplan, Fabian Zeitvogel discusses how this reporting trend is good for PPM processes. How Reporting Is Trending in PPM Reports always give insights into the current scenario and help you channelize your team accordingly. They also give your colleagues …

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How Portfolio Management Influences Strategy

Now, IT portfolio management is not just an administration of project selection and scheduling. The portfolio managers are also a part of the strategy panel. They decide the fate of projects and portfolios based on their alignment with company goals. In this article at Strategy Execution, Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez narrates how portfolio management is influencing business strategy. Strategizing with Portfolio Management The ground reality is that organizations do not have clear strategies and not all business …

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What Are the 5 Key Skills of a Portfolio Director?

Portfolio directors should understand which programs and projects would help in achieving company objectives. Before senior managers used to fulfill this project management role. They used to be known as project directors, program directors, and head of projects. So why a different role altogether? In this article at Strategy Execution, Lindsey Scott discusses 5 key skills of a portfolio director. Key Skills to Become a Portfolio Director The basic difference between a managerial role and …

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4 Roles a PMO Plays in a Portfolio Management

A PMO in a company looks after project portfolio management. It categorizes projects and portfolios of similar nature or fields like technology, human resources, etc. It clubs them into a single project portfolio for better monitoring and governance. In this article at Chron.com, Chirantan Basu narrates how the PMO plays a significant role in a portfolio management. Streamlining Portfolio Management A company might have a lot of projects aiming to fulfill various company objectives. These …

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The State of PPM in IT Product Organizations

PPM or project portfolio management in IT means allocating a reasonable budget to projects. Depending on the success of the project initiatives, the management can further enhance the project capabilities or remove support entirely. In this article at ThoughtWorks, Sriram Narayan explains how PPM works differently when applied for real-time projects. I. The PPM Dichotomy PPM managers basically depend on business cases to fund projects after a careful screening process. Influencers could also help sanction …

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Why PPM Is Indispensable to Organizations

Project portfolio management (PPM) tracks all the activities of projects, programs, and portfolios in a portfolio. Unlike popular misconceptions, you can implement it quite easily because of its similarity with the existing functionalities. To enjoy the advantages of PPM, know the basic factors governing the processes. In this article at Meisterplan, understand why organizations think PPM is indispensable. PPM, the Foundation of Good Governance PPM coordinates project activities from start to finish with transparency. If …

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Program and Portfolio Management: 5 Trends

Program and portfolio managers can no longer use predictive models to carry on with project goals till the end. The market dynamics compel projects to be extremely agile and disruptive. Gartner’s “Survey Analysis: PPM Leadership in the Era of Digital Business Requires Speed, Change and Collaboration” conveys that 87 percent of organizations believe that rate of change is becoming faster. Additionally, 89 percent responded that project lifecycles are speeding up as well. In this article …

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Check If Your PPM Solution Is Current with These Metrics

Project portfolio management (PPM) aids leaders in the decision-making process. The associated tools in this sphere have undergone significant changes to match up to the market standards. However, before you renew your license, check if your existing solution is the most updated one. In this article at CPS, Chris Aslett talks about how to use metrics to know whether your PPM solution is up-to-date. Is Your PPM Solution Current? PPM is a complex process, and …

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