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Use Open Data to Benefit Your Business

With innovation and digitization taking the forefront across all domains, many enterprises are willing to promote the concept of ‘open data’ to accelerate ideation and business growth. In this regard, even the top management of companies is looking for ways and suggestions to offer their data on an open platform. In this article at CIO, UK, Thomas Macaulay shares how the C-suite professionals can leverage open data to scale up their business. Open to the …

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7 Signs You Need a New PPM Software

Software has made life easier for you, even more when it comes to project portfolio management (PPM). However, the downside of applications is they become obsolete after a while. You start looking out for a PPM software in the market that comes with advanced features. In this article at Meisterplan, Thomas Quandt shares with you the 7 signs that tell that you need a new PPM software. When Do You Need a PPM Software? It …

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The Rise of Mind-Reading Technology

Artificial intelligence has many things to offer to the real world. A primary one among them is the ability to read and interpret human mind. With the involvement of AI, mind-reading can find many useful applications in our day-to-day life. In this article at ComputerWorld, Mike Elgan states that though a mind-reading software is still not commercially available, it would soon find its way into the real business world. What Was Missing? The use of …

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The Shift from IT to Citizen Development

In the past, the role of IT was purely focused on the effective and efficient use of machines. But, this attitude is dying with time. A recent survey by Salesforce.com describes the current state where IT has a new vision that talks about business innovation and project pace. In this article at ZDNet.com, Vala Afshar tells us why the traditional role of IT has disappeared, and a new development approach is emerging. The Catch Despite …

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