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5 Enterprise Best Practices to Profit from Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is one of the top digital initiatives in which companies are investing substantially. However, many do it to stay relevant without legitimate preparation. Mere deployments would not convert them into successful ventures nor bring solutions for existing problems. In this article at InformationWeek, Jessica Davis shares 5 best practices that successful organizations embraced to gain profits. Profiting from Machine Learning A survey done by The Economic Intelligence Unit and SAP reveals 5 …

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Is Your Project Failing? Identify Scope Risks in 8 Ways

Scope risks push projects towards failure. There can be two reasons—you lack knowledge about the scope or you do not know how to identify risks. This could land your project in serious trouble. In this article at Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall discusses 8 ways you can identify scope risks in your project. What Are Scope Risks and How to Identify Them Events and conditions that can create a significant positive or negative impact on …

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How Risks Can Make or Break Brand Value

Risks are threats that are yet to become issues. With new technologies empowering customers, neglecting risks can affect your company’s brand value too. Facebook learned it the hard way. In this article at InformationWeek, John Edwards shared the views of Steven Minsky, the CEO of enterprise risk management software provider LogicManager, in this regard. Playing with Risks Minsky, the author of “The State of Risk Management in 2018,” opines that companies are experiencing a “see-through …

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Are You Confident About GDPR Compliance? These CIOs Are

The GDPR regulation will come into effect today. 70 percent of CIO 100 members are sure they are complying with the regulations or are confident about their progress. In this article at CIO, Thomas Macaulay gives you a glimpse of what the CIOs are thinking about the new regulation. Going the GDPR Way While the majority of CIOs have confidence with the GDPR strategy, 4 percent are doubtful and 1 percent fear failure. Elizabeth Denham, …

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Use Open Data to Benefit Your Business

With innovation and digitization taking the forefront across all domains, many enterprises are willing to promote the concept of ‘open data’ to accelerate ideation and business growth. In this regard, even the top management of companies is looking for ways and suggestions to offer their data on an open platform. In this article at CIO, UK, Thomas Macaulay shares how the C-suite professionals can leverage open data to scale up their business. Open to the …

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Tips on Using Agile Project Management

Every IT organization is focused towards the speedy delivery of products and services to its customers. The best possible solution available to ensure the same is the implementation of agile framework in the software development process. In this article at CIO UK, Thomas Macaulay presents some tips shared by some leading CIOs on how they have effectively used an agile methodology to scale up their business. Why Agile? Agile has gained much prominence in the …

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The Wonders of Time Management

In every domain, the skill of time management comes with experience and knowledge. You might think that you are overstressed with work at times. However, it is always essential to know if you are spending your time on the right things. Only then you can become more efficient at managing time. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Dorie Clark talks about how she gained some great insights on time management and got some inspiration …

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Driving Digital Transformation with New Project Portfolio Management Techniques

As a leader, you must be aware of project portfolio management and how you can utilize it to deliver outcomes within time limits and economically. The traditional approach was more about delivering quantity than quality and focused more on risk management and benefits realization. Moreover, it was ill-equipped to figure out optimal benefits from IT portfolios other than cost savings. So, a PPM was not that functional. However, new techniques were added which involved the …

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8 GDPR Facts Leaders Should Know About

European Union claims General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as the most significant rule on data privacy implemented in 20 years. Companies must secure personal information under this mandate. Service providers and information security agents should be aware of the rules and regulations. However, IT leaders must understand how GDPR changes the IT and business landscape. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Stephanie Overby briefs about the 8 key facts that leaders should be aware …

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5 Steps to Prevent GDPR Data Risks

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is already a hit in terms of new events or change. Data leaders are aware of this term by now as they are the ones that get to deal with it sooner or later. After the establishment of the Code of Fair Information Practices in 1973, GDPR is being claimed to be making the biggest impact on privacy regulation. In this article at CIO, Rohan Light discusses the SLAs you …

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