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7 Tips to Put Together a Winning Remote Team

Forming a team with the cream crowd of the industry is no game. But virtual team building has made this unrealistic task easy. Still, hiring a par excellence candidate onboard can have terrible consequences like productivity loss, major workflow interruptions and so on. In this article at Remote.co, Jennifer Parris shares her perspective on the hiring of remote workers that will help you assemble a strong remote team. Give Before Taking Like any regular employee, …

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When Should You Outsource IT in Government?

Due to a variety of factors, IT workers are more likely to flock to the private sector than to the public sector. So rather than suffer through long and difficult hiring periods, maybe the government should just outsource. In an article for StateTech, Alan R. Shark shares some thoughts for how local government can get started with outsourcing IT. Government Augmentation It is important never to treat outsourcing lightly. For the sake of the client …

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CIOs Give Managed IT Services High Marks

The verdict is in, and it is positive. About 90 percent of organizations are satisfied with the managed IT services they are receiving. In a slideshow at CIO Insight, Dennis McCafferty goes over some of the findings of a CompTIA survey on the topic. Outsource Work, Import Convenience McCafferty prefaces the report data with this: The resulting “4th Annual Trends in Managed Services” report indicates that managed services arrangements are either meeting or exceeding cost-savings …

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9 Benefits of Outsourcing Project Management

There are ideals, and then there are realistic capabilities. Can the skills of the outsourced project manager live up to the near utopian expectations brought to bear by some businesses? David Cotgreave, writing for CIO.com, pairs nine organizational needs with the best abilities an outsourced PM has to offer. Ideal ‘PM as a Service’ Traits Skills Experience Tenacity Openness New Ideas Efficiency Elasticity Time and Scope Fit Diversity 1 & 2 Specialization is easily realized …

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6 Steps to Optimize Your Vendor Relationships

Vendors – they don’t always receive a lot of attention within the larger scheme of IT strategy, but a CIO with the right relationships can tap into undiscovered vendor potential. A CIO.com article by Bob Ronan offers six tips to make your IT outfit vendor-smart. 6 Tips for Vendor Relationships Quality over quantity Make it a date. Give them more business. Come to them with performance questions. Invite them to meetings. Share your strategic hopes …

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CIOs Fear Losing Market Share to More Tech ‘Adept’ Rivals

Businesses are dealing with digital disruption in lots of different ways. Outsourcing particularly is on the rise, but not for the reason you might expect. A CBR article by James Nunns attempts to divine the fate of the companies who feel most vulnerable to these changing times. The Age of Fallen Giants? As CIOs scramble to co-create new business models and to race new products and services to market, it is the largest companies that …

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The IT Outsourcing Market: Not So Stable

During the first half of this year, 27 percent of existing IT infrastructure outsourcing deals were terminated. “Anti-incumbency” sentiment among IT service buyers has been prevalent as well. Stephanie Overby writes about why IT outsourcing is not s

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BPO is Here to Stay!

Robert R. Romulo, writing for The Philippine Star , rebuts a recent article from India’s Economic Times that claims BPO is moving back to India. As evidence, he points to research from the IT & Business Process Association Philippines (IBPAP), w

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