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How to Get the Best ROI for Your Tech Ventures?

For any well-established organization or a start-up venture, success is always defined by the level of customer experience (CX) delivered. So, while making new technology investments, it is essential for you to consider the ‘CX’ factor – how good will it be and what will you gain further out of it? In this article at TechRepublic, Alison DeNisco Rayome shares some practices to extract the best possible ROI from your tech investments. The ‘CX’ Factor …

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The Digital Need: Employee Creativity and Empowerment

The rapidly evolving digital age has brought numerous changes to the organizational setups, especially in their mode of operation. Along with this, digitization has also redefined the working relationship between firms and their employees or customers. In this article at ZDNet, Evan Williams tells us why employee empowerment or creativity is the norm of the day for any organization that is willing to digitally transform its business. Why Creativity? To outperform the cutting-edge competition, every …

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The Real Impact of Digital Transformation on a CIO

Digital transformation has been in the news for quite some time now. However, still many IT organizations struggle to deal with the impact of these digital change initiatives. In this article at ZDNet, Michael Krigsman shares his experience of hosting a CIO Summit at the Digital Enterprise Show – Madrid where the majority of CIOs expressed their concerns over their impending digital transformation ventures. The Concerns The modern-day CIO believes that technical resources can be …

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What Do You Miss While Driving Enterprise Transformation?

Goal setting is essential for every business or initiative to survive successfully. However, you also need a person or a resource that can drive or align your business towards the desired goal. This where strategic planning comes into play. In this article at ThoughtWorks, Dan McClure talks about the importance of having a person in place who can steer your business or digital transformations goals in the right direction. What’s the Point? The traditional business …

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3 Reasons Why Your Digital Initiatives Are Failing

Digital initiatives are revolutionizing work dynamics and businesses like ever before. 21% of 1,559 business leaders think they have successfully completed the digitization process. However, that is a misconception that CIOs hold. As per Forrester analyst Ted Schadler, digital transformation is an incremental progress. In this article at CIO, Clint Boulton reveals the 3 reasons why your digital initiatives are failing. 3 Misconceptions About Digital Initiatives Schadler opines that companies must continuously drive innovation and …

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Will GDPR Bring Down the Curtain on Blockchain?

After GDPR came into effect on May 25, 2018, industry leaders are wondering about its effect on innovative technologies like blockchain. In fact, the law has been created to empower users against data misuse during this digital transformation era. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Laurianne McLaughlin talks about a way around GDPR. GDPR and Blockchain: The Way Around Red Hat evangelist Gordon Haff narrates that once a data goes on a blockchain, you …

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The Changing Attitude of CEO’s in 2018

With the rising technology disruption, the global business ecosystem is already plagued with many uncertainties in terms of cyber-attacks, economic growth, geopolitical behaviors, etc. One can always expect the C-suite executive to be tense and skeptical in such scenarios. However, their attitude is fast changing as per the latest year’s research reports. In this article at Strategy+Business, Art Kleiner talks about how optimism and trust have taken an edge over other aspects in a CEO’s …

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Win Your Digital Goals with Communication

In this digital era, innovation requires strong communication and collaboration at every organizational level. Only then, a company can truly achieve its digital transformation goals. However, establishing such a robust communication framework is a tough job, especially in a multi-national firm or a company with varied functional streams. In this article at Tech Republic, Dan Patterson shared some excerpts on digital innovation from his interview with Peter Jensen, Moleskine’s Head of Digital Innovation. The Digital …

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How Technology Is Changing the World as We See It

Technology is playing is a big role in today’s world. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and internet of things, etc. are becoming commonplace scenarios for people in general. In this article at ZDNet, Steve Ranger shares the views of Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella regarding technology and its impact on the world. How Technology Changed Everything Around Us Nadella is amazed by the penetrative power that technology has gathered in public domains. He notes that every …

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5 Enterprise Best Practices to Profit from Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is one of the top digital initiatives in which companies are investing substantially. However, many do it to stay relevant without legitimate preparation. Mere deployments would not convert them into successful ventures nor bring solutions for existing problems. In this article at InformationWeek, Jessica Davis shares 5 best practices that successful organizations embraced to gain profits. Profiting from Machine Learning A survey done by The Economic Intelligence Unit and SAP reveals 5 …

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