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Why Automated Ad Positioning Isn’t Always A Good Thing?

Most of us worry about searching a product online, especially on our official systems. Reason being the automated product ads that follow us wherever we go or whichever web page we visit post that. Thanks to the cookies or pixels deployed by companies that track us forever. In this article at Tech Republic, Dan Patterson interviewed Adweek’s Josh Sternberg who explained the phenomenon behind this practice and its repercussions. The Creepy Ads When questioned about …

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Build Your Brand as a CIO

Self-promotion can be daunting at times, especially if you are placed in a top management position of the organization. As a C-suite professional, your actions, strategies and responses always play a big role in defining your ‘brand image’. Moreover, some additional factors are more likely to help you in building a positive image and can assist you to grab valuable opportunities for your organization as well. In this article at CIO UK, Christina Mercer shares …

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7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2018

Social media—whether you hate it or whether you live on it, it has become a very significant new home of marketing. That means it would be prudent to keep an eye on how social media is evolving. In an article for Business 2 Community, George Beall predicts the trends we may see more of in 2018: Hiring talent for content creation Increased emphasis on video content Focus on user-generated content Increased use of stories Brand …

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A Guide to Email Design Best Practices

In spite of all the new options that exist, email is still a major marketing tool. A good email campaign can crack open the gates to new business—but only if the design of the email is stellar. In a post at MageMail, Amanda Ng shares a comprehensive guide to email design best practices. The Email Starter Pack Ng touches upon almost everything one could think of, so here are just a few highlights to munch …

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