CIO, Growing IoT Use Cases to Solve Larger Issues

What does IoT mean to you—‘low-cost sensors’ and ‘power to capture big data’? Recent expanded IoT use cases beg to differ. You can put IoT components—sensors, data, computation, and algorithms—to more varying functionalities than you thought. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Brian Anthony shares growing IoT use cases that could set out to solve larger user problems.

Expanding IoT Use Cases

Every device that you use now generates data, from wearables to hardware monitors. Innovators are stretching the heretofore limits of IoT use cases. As an IT executive, you must be aware of it.

IoT Principles

Since IoT use cases are set to handle more critical problems, you must learn IoT’s inner workings. The systems work based on ‘micro-sensing, computation, and communication’. So, IoT applications should be able to do the following actions:

  • ‘Acquire (or “sense”) data from the environment
  • Pre-process data locally
  • Communicate data to servers
  • Combine data from multiple sensor types
  • Perform signal processing both locally and in the cloud
  • Draw inferences and provide insights about the world from the data, using computational techniques such as machine learning
  • Make decisions and control actions in the environment’

You can apply these principles in these IoT use cases:

  • Healthcare: MIT lab recently created a contactless ultrasound imaging process. Unlike the traditional version, it can collect the data and send it to the processor that leverages algorithms to provide real-time analysis and decision-making.
  • Environmental supervision: Instead of the local sensors, you can use satellite imagery to map a lake’s water quality, capture samples, and discover microscopic components.  
  • Manufacturing: One of the IoT use cases in this field is to assist in predictive maintenance. For instance, you can collect data and predict when the system blade needs to be changed to avoid manufacturing disruption.

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