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Mobile ITSM: Fostering a Paradigm Shift in Employee Experience

IT service management (ITSM) is one of the most economical ways for IT leaders to bring swift transformations. An inefficient ITSM may pose a lot of challenges, due to which, making effective modifications for digital transformation becomes difficult.

In this article at SearchCIO, Isaac Sacolick defines the significance of ITSM on mobile devices for improved employee and customer experiences.

Addressing Enterprise Needs

To meet the needs of ongoing mobile ITSM trends, organizations must adopt and promote the usage of mobile and wearable devices at work. Improved employee experience is the key to significant transformations in the digital arena.

According to a 2019 Enterprise Mobility survey, Employee productivity rose by 59.2 percent after giving access to data and apps. However, not any random mobile application can lift employees productivity.

First, identify the employee needs through a comprehensive feedback form. It helps in designing the mobile ITSM to meet the needs of the end-users well. An ideal ITSM mobile application must include information like employee name, ID number, department, designation, and geographical location.

Review, React, and Solve the Issue

As the users submit their details, help them review it for accuracy and clarity, notify them about the ITSM team’s response, and resolve it as early as possible. The process will improve the resolution time and employee satisfaction level.

Mobile ITSM services promote the opportunity to address the employee concerns on priority via multiple systems. Nonetheless, frequent mobile notifications help managers understand the priority of the issue and enable them to give approvals on time.

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