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Does Your ITSM Tool Help You Measure Success?

Set measurable goals to accomplish real success. Be it a director of an IT firm or a service desk technician, setting measurable goals is the most essential route to achieve success.

In this article at Cherwell, Jarod Greene explains that to meet your goals, ensure measuring the right benchmarks and here is how you may know which metrics matter the most.

Role of ITSM Tool

Every IT organization has a distinctive strategy to support their venture. With the help of an IT service management (ITSM) tool, each organization can measure its metrics and legacy solutions to attain future goals. Understanding which metric is essential alongside finding the right measurement could be the disparity between winning or bringing home nothing to prove your efforts. Here are some impactful advices on the metrics that matter most and how to actually measure them:

  • How Your IT Firm Adds Value: Ascertain the goals and objectives of your IT organization and identify the KPIs and metrics that support in achieving them. Stop measuring the present metric if it cannot be tied back to business performance.
  • Report to the Right Person: Understand what metrics you are communicating to whom and when. Metrics you report to business leaders and executives will remain different from the metrics you report for daily operations. Mixing both will turn out to be a sheer waste of time and may not demonstrate the appropriate value of IT to the business leaders effectively.
  • Stop Reporting & Start dashboarding: Reports are constant, but dashboards are dynamic as they provide the context of what you are doing against what should be done. Using the best ITSM tools with dashboards will help you update the real-time information and measure your current position and scope forward.

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