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6 In-Depth Tips for Your Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing experts always talk about content but do not say much in their tutorials. In this article at Need Momentum, Mac Frederick gives 6 in-depth tips for digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing: 6 Strategic Areas

Frederick talks about 6 areas:

  1. Digital Strategy: Eric Bernskiold and Gary Vee talk about the rising cost of digital marketing. So, plan your audience in terms of ‘age, gender, demographic, industry, location’. As per Google, cross-platform user consumption has increased 500% in 3 years. Use the AIDA marketing funnel to improve response. Understand your audience and create a ‘buyer persona’ to grab their attention through relevant content. Understand where their interest lies by using Google Analytics. As per their attention span, show them the products they desire. Entrepreneurs David Skok informs that it takes 7 touches before customers hit the Buy button. Ensure your campaign influences them to take action. Ask them to rate you in the end.
  1. Integrated Marketing: Use Hubspot or Google Analytics to review your digital marketing efforts. SuperMetrics, Raven Tools, and Report Garden allow you to export templated reports for easy analysis. For integrated marketing, use various platforms but concentrate on one strategy. However, Hootsuite insists on different messages for different platforms.
  2. Content Marketing: As per Wordstream, 55% of consumers prefer video content. In fact, YouTube users consume 500 million hours of videos daily. Merchdope adds that 300 hours of video is uploaded in the platform each minute. Vidyard experts say that relevant video content can arouse emotion in viewers that increases brand popularity. A recent study suggests that an emotional connection makes users trust a brand 8.4 times more. They buy products 7.1 times more and sales increases by 23%. Make quality content and document for consistency across your campaign platforms.
  3. SEO and Feature Snippets: Google always prioritizes what customers want, so work on things people desire to rank higher. Paid ads work if you have deep pockets. Google provides featured snippets that give accurate answers for user questions on the top. Make your answers crisp and webpage suitable for these snippets. Apply SEO and link it well.
  4. Google Ads: Google has changed its digital marketing strategy. Top four positions are for Google Ads. Google Sheets allows digital marketing agencies to import conversion reports by linking with it. For better search results, have a target for your campaign. TrueView is available for YouTubers now. For tutorials or courses, ensure you sequenced them for better viewer response. Google Ads also integrated calls and messaging tracking for improved visibility.
  5. Facebook Ads: You get 10 times more user response on Instagram, but Facebook wins with its targeting and advertisement options. In fact, more digital marketing agencies are using Facebook than users. It also means people are ignoring more. Social Media Today experts suggest that you try out Facebook ad features like Augmented Reality Ads and Facebook Stories Ads.

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Indrani Roy

Indrani Roy is currently working as a Content Specialist for CAI Info India. She has knowledge in writing blogs, product descriptions, brand information, and coming up with new marketing concepts. Indrani has also transcribed, subtitled, edited, and proofread various Hollywood movies, TV series, documentaries, etc., and performed audio fidelity checks. She started her career by articulating a knowledge base for an IT client, and, eventually, went on to create user manuals and generate content for a software dashboard. Writing being one of her passions, reading books is naturally her favorite pastime. When not lost in the world of letters, she is a foodie, movie buff, and a theater critic.

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