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PWA & AMP: Giving Edge to Mobile Marketing

By making a purchase quick enough with the click of a button, smartphones have made consumer’s life easy. But it gave sleepless nights to all the marketers who want to increase their customer base.

In mobile marketing, slow page load time means the loss of potential consumers. As per Google Analytics and DoubleClick AdExchange data report, 53 percent of the users leave the website page on mobile after 3 seconds. This specifies the need for speed in mobile marketing.

In this article at Bitly, Jamie Fuller shares how Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Apps are set to revolutionize the mobile marketing space.

The Real Appeal

Smartphones are not just a tool to communicate, they are the route to a consumer’s heart. The Google report also suggests that smart users spend almost 85 percent of their time on mobile using apps and thereby, making mobile apps the new marketing forum.

But this forum is of no use unless the users quickly access the desired webpage on their mobile, that too without obstacles. With the help of ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’ (AWP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA), marketers are aiming to resolve all these unwanted issues.

Accelerated Mobile Pages: These static web pages are hyper-optimized for mobile. Using stripped-down versions of HTML and CSS, AMPs deliver a page at accelerated speeds. The pages are cached on Google servers, so it opens the desired content in a fraction of seconds.

Progressive Web Apps: These web pages look and feel like a mobile app with zero friction for users. There is no app store to visit and nothing to install. Users can simply click on a URL from their browser and use an app.

PWA is playing a reasonable role in bringing back mobile commerce to the web in the much attractive form of an app. No more additional investment in app creation and website management is required.

The author suggests that the future of mobile marketing holds a significant transformation in which, everything will start with a search and end there too. To read the original article, click on the following link:

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