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How SDNs Can Save The IoT?

The IT industry is already abuzz about the infinite potential benefits that IoT is likely to bring. Likewise, there is also much speculation about the challenges that are going to come along, especially for the stakeholders and organizations involved with it. However, there are two interconnected issues that are high on the agenda. In this article at IT Business Edge, Carl Weinschenk shares some challenges posed by IoT in the near future and certain remedial solutions for the same.

The Challenges

The first challenge is the security threat posed by the endless terminals being deployed in this network that are highly susceptible to hacking. Secondly, most of these terminals need highly efficient methods to access the computing resources. Such issues can be terrifying when it comes to running a successfully operated IoT system. However, the network engineers are rapidly exploring the use of Software-defined Networks (SDNs) in curbing such challenges. Here are the steps that must be followed to ensure a much secured IoT system:

How to Secure IoT?

An SDN network can manage a host of IoT devices with exceptionally high level of security. The security measures are implemented at the network level and ensure that the individual devices are not compromised. Since, it is difficult to deploy a separate network for every set of IoT devices, SDN also provides the flexibility of having virtual networks. Moreover, SDNs also provide high computing power since most IoT applications are sensitive to time. To curb the expenses further and have an efficient process, fog computing has been introduced nowadays. It supports the deployment of IoT based SDN network close to the IoT set-up.

Driving the Migration

To provide cutting-edge solutions, IoT uses the standard domain name system (DNS) to identify the essential computing resources. Now, this function will be executed in concurrence with SDNs. Though SDN is based on LAN technology, once combined with DNS, it can leverage the capabilities of WANs. Therefore, it is evident that IoT can only achieve true success only when integrated with SDNs.

Weinschenk further adds that most of the firms are already promoting the combined use of SDNs and IoT to enhance their operational processes. To understand these insights better, read the full article here –


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