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How Important is ICT for the Philippines?

In this Asian region, most countries have already used and/or continue to use Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to their advantage and development. The Philippines, however, continues to lag behind. This blog from Stimulus Capital Ideas tackles some reasons why this lingers on and, evidently, how to come up with resolutions to alleviate the struggles that come with it. The blogger calls for the Philippine government to consider going with the flow in this ever-evolving world, especially in terms of technology and its capabilities. Rapid changes have been brought about by ICT in the last 10 years and countries have experienced deep transformation in the way their economic activities and societies are organized.

The Essence of ICT: Transition

As a country, the Philippines really need to address this and adapt to the situation presented more quickly:

Countries that recognize potential opportunities that ICT offers were better prepared to reap its benefits and were also able to mitigate any risks of these technologies. The benefits of ICT which can be achieved have been well-researched and have also been widely documented. The Global Information Technology Report 2012 of the World Economic Forum raises constant awareness on several factors that drive the capacity of countries to transform and benefit from the multiple impacts that ICT can bring about. The report is a comprehensive survey on the determinants to leverage ICT for increased competitiveness of nations. In this report, Philippine performance is disappointing — we rated # 86, Indonesia #80, Vietnam # 83, and Singapore #2. Our efforts in using and promoting ICT remained timid. In the light of the many reported shortcomings, the economic and social impact of ICT on our country is necessarily limited.

The Philippines is more than capable of developing and absorbing new knowledge, this is why a need to create a cohesive ICT program, which will facilitate advancements to improve the overall government efficiency, exists. At present, that is not happening. Nobody manages the incorporation of a true ICT blueprint to change systems so that we can harness the economic and social impact on the quality of life. This needs to change, and it has to be done quickly in order for ICT to be permanently present in all facets of society and allow us to reap its rewards.

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Kristian Dayrit

Kristian Dayrit was the Associate Editor and Content Writer for AITS Philippines. He has edited and wrote various published works, articles, newsletters and such since 2007.

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