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Prioritizing tech na mga proyekto: Paano gumawa ng mga manager ng isang maikling listahan ng mga mahabang pangangailangan

Requests for mobile and social apps can hit an IT organization faster than any other request. Business demands anything social immediately – sometimes at the risk of security protocol or excessive cost. So how is IT supposed to process these requests? Are we to simply say yes or try to negotiate with business? In this article by Beth Stackpole, David Cearley of Gartner explains how IT needs to redefine itself: Not only does IT need to figure out how to manage, acquire, support and build mobile apps, it needs to rethink the entire end-user computing experience around mobile, according to Cearley. Since resources aren't infinite, he says, IT management needs to recast its role to become more of a broker of IT services, working in concert with the business side to understand key priorities and function as an enabler, not a bottleneck to new technology deployment. Explaining the pros and cons comes down to speaking the language of business – instead of shooting down any request immediately, explain the core risks and concerns. By taking the time to explain impact, business is more likely to consider the IT aspect of requests instead of just the “cool” factor.

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