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McKesson redirects IT: deliver fuller business solutions

Pharmaceuticals distributor and healthcare information tech services provider McKesson has turned the idea of IT on its ear with a shift in culture and emphasis on the “service” aspect of IT services. This has, according to article author Dana Gardner, made IT part of the companywide strategic plan. This article is tied to a recent podcast where Gardner interviewed Andy Smith, vice president of Applications Hosting Services at McKesson. Gardner asked Smith about IT transformation, the use of balanced scorecard, and reducing the cost of IT, among other topics. When Gardner asked about the cultural shift brought on by the adoption of methodologies that worked, Smith mentioned the use of ITIL V3 as well as the decision to not go with custom tech: We did go into ITIL version 3 and push it very hard to give that consistency, because the consistency really mattered. Then, we could really measure the quality. We could be ensured that no matter who did it or when it was done, it was done the same way, and that reliability mattered a lot. We also got away from custom technology, and we got to where everything is going to be a certain type of machine. It's going to look the same. All the tools are going to be fully integrated and no longer be best-of-breed point solutions. Driving that standardization made a big difference. You don't have to remember that machine on the left you reboot it this way, and that machine on the right you reboot it a different way. You don't have to remember anymore, because they're all the same. Smith also mentions that his company has considered a mix of private and public cloud solutions, and this hybrid will help satisfy the needs of the business while still providing IT with the security and flexibility it needs.

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