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Is Apple’s Genius Bar the Future Corporate Help Desk?

JobsIT departments are beginning to realize how consumer focused technologies are permeating the workplace, and how the traditional model of help desks may not be able to cope with that change. As Ryan Faas writes on Cult of Mac, there's a very real possibility that help desks are going to lean more towards the “Genius Bar”  model developed by Apple – where a personal/professional relationship is recognized and understood:

The idea may seem shocking to some longtime IT professionals, but it does present a unique mechanism in dealing with the personal/business challenges that come up around  BYOD  models and the emerging BYOA (bring your own apps) concept. Like a Genius Bar in an Apple store, support professionals are on hand to make a good faith effort to resolve issues while not claiming ownership of the technology that they're supporting. That's a very different mindset from a random IT staffer swooping in after receiving a call about an issue, grabbing a user's personal device, and changing various configuration options-possibly without permission.

While the Genius Bar does address a new paradigm of the Help Desk relationship, CIOs must still develop more robust plans for mobile technologies –  perhaps, as the article suggests – by creating a Chief Mobile Officer to address all aspects of how new technologies affect the organization.

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