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Meet Is Murder: Alternative Solutions

Meetings are often thought of as the “necessary evil” of corporate American culture, but how truly necessary they are is increasingly coming into question. Should executives find themselves in multiple meetings a day? In an article for The New York Times Magazine, Virginia Heffernan explores alternatives to traditional meetings, as well as how to understand different personality types and how they function in mundane meetings. Reconsidering the Meeting There are two different types of people, …

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How to Be a Productive Project Manager: 7 Tips

Many project managers feel overwhelmed with emails, phone calls, and meetings. They often work overtime, but few feel as though they are making progress. Although we are all given the same amount of time each day, some project managers are able to produce greater value for their organizations. Some are more engaged. Imagine yourself as a more productive project manager, one with greater capacity and energy to complete each day’s tasks. Let’s look at common …

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