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Are You Confident About GDPR Compliance? These CIOs Are

The GDPR regulation will come into effect today. 70 percent of CIO 100 members are sure they are complying with the regulations or are confident about their progress. In this article at CIO, Thomas Macaulay gives you a glimpse of what the CIOs are thinking about the new regulation. Going the GDPR Way While the majority of CIOs have confidence with the GDPR strategy, 4 percent are doubtful and 1 percent fear failure. Elizabeth Denham, …

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How the New IT Automation Is Both Lean and Effective

Enterprise automation tools like ERP systems, CRM applications, and product lifecycle management software are big IT initiatives that need large investments. As per Gartner, global spending on enterprise software is going to spike up to 9.5 percent, i.e., from $355 billion in 2017 to $389 billion in 2018. However, with RPA, machine learning, and NLP systems, automation will cease to be a big investment with longer break-even points. In this article at strategy+business, Dan Priest …

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6 Ways Digital Marketers Can Employ Big Data

The big data process is about collecting and storing large amount of data to analyze and predict potential customer base. If applied accurately, big data has the ability to change the buying behavior of customers. In this article at IT Chronicles, Nick Brown notifies how big data can help in adjusting part of a marketing campaign that may bring better returns and opportunities with minor investments. Integrate Analytics The conventional marketing campaigns were limited to …

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7 Ways to Be Super-Productive

Productivity defines your working style and how much ownership you can take. Thus, organizations broadly classify their workforce into three categories – under-productive, productive and super-productive. Most professionals seem happy and content executing the work assigned to them. However, some of them are super active and quick when it comes to delivering assignments and taking an extra load without stressing themselves. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman share some …

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6 Ways to Improve Cross-Functional Team Capabilities

Majority of the cross-functional teams are “dysfunctional,” opines Behnam Tabrizi, consulting professor at Stanford University’s Department of Management Science and Engineering. Due to digital transformation, organizations are increasingly dedicating resources from various departments to a single project. The business leaders think this breaks the silos and, ultimately, the threat to innovative culture. However, as per a recent study, 75 percent of cross-functional teams are unable to meet three of their major commitments—budget, schedule, client requirements, …

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Building Connectivity with Team and Stakeholders

Clarity is the key to effective communication. Even though communication is almost prompt in the corporate world but far beyond the small talks over quick coffee breaks. In her blog at Susanne Madsen – Developing Project Leaders, the author shares her opinion about the techniques of influencing and holding constant interactions with the team and stakeholders to improve connectivity with them. Illuminating Talks Madsen believes that every interaction with others is an opportunity to improve …

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How to Protect Your Privacy Online

Nowadays, people across the world are witnessing numerous reports of online data leakage or breach of online privacy. Most recent being the news of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica leaking a huge volume of consumer data for political purposes. That begs the question – how do we protect ourselves online? In this article at Information Week, Jessica Davis brings you what the industry top experts have to say about their data privacy strategy. The Online World …

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How to Restructure Your IT Team Successfully: 3 Tips

When IT acts pivotal to your business, it is logical to prioritize processes. PrimeLending was going digital and the project management office had to authorize and regulate processes. This created much confusion. Tim Elkins, senior vice president and CIO of the home mortgage company, pitched restructuring IT team to the CEO and management. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Elkins narrates how restructuring the team helped his company in the long run. Steps to …

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7 Quick Tips to Boost Project Quality

Quality matters in any nature of work. But, in project management, quality means everything. Quality projects not just bring growth to the organization, but it also inspires the employees to perform and deliver best results. On the other hand, a poor-quality project will result in repeat work, delay in project delivery, change in cost, demotivation for the team, and above all, customer dissatisfaction. In this article at The Project Risk Coach, Hall Harry suggests few …

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6 Tactics to Find the Right Talent

Hiring is a skillful art, particularly in organizations with specialized job profiles. Most of the organizations involve the management teams along with HR departments to source the right talent. Moreover, some firms also employ talent search professionals or consultancies to fulfill their resourcing needs. In this article at TechRepublic, Andy Wolber shares 6 unique tips to identify and source the right talent for your organization. A Skillful Art Most organizations are very active when it …

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