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4 Management Tactics to Maximize Potential of Average Performers

The majority of the workforce is made up of the average performer, or the performer who does not break his or her neck to go above and beyond, but they always get the job done. In an article for TechRepublic, Mary Shacklett shares some ways to keep these individuals motivated and engaged. There are four tactics that will help to keep the average worker progressing: Establishing defined work duties. Acknowledge and reward superb work. Investigate …

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How to Develop an Operational Risk Management Plan

Any successful organization is able to identify, evaluate, and manage any operational risk that may arise. These risks can range from a failed business process to an external event. In a post at the Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall elaborates on how to develop a plan to manage operational risk. Handling the Biggest Risks There are four types of risks organizations need to be aware of: Process risk People risk System risk External event risk …

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