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Is Your Project Failing? Identify Scope Risks in 8 Ways

Scope risks push projects towards failure. There can be two reasons—you lack knowledge about the scope or you do not know how to identify risks. This could land your project in serious trouble. In this article at Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall discusses 8 ways you can identify scope risks in your project. What Are Scope Risks and How to Identify Them Events and conditions that can create a significant positive or negative impact on …

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How Risks Can Make or Break Brand Value

Risks are threats that are yet to become issues. With new technologies empowering customers, neglecting risks can affect your company’s brand value too. Facebook learned it the hard way. In this article at InformationWeek, John Edwards shared the views of Steven Minsky, the CEO of enterprise risk management software provider LogicManager, in this regard. Playing with Risks Minsky, the author of “The State of Risk Management in 2018,” opines that companies are experiencing a “see-through …

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5 Security Mistakes Done by IT Employees

Cybersecurity is a point of major concern for most IT companies these days. Every company spends millions of dollars to upgrade their security systems and lead a peaceful life. However, as a surprising fact, the majority of cyber incidents happen due to the negligence of the company employees. In this article at TechRepublic, Tom Merritt lists out the five major cyber blunders that employees commit. The Surprising Facts A 2017 survey by Kaspersky Lab suggests …

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How to Protect Your Privacy Online

Nowadays, people across the world are witnessing numerous reports of online data leakage or breach of online privacy. Most recent being the news of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica leaking a huge volume of consumer data for political purposes. That begs the question – how do we protect ourselves online? In this article at Information Week, Jessica Davis brings you what the industry top experts have to say about their data privacy strategy. The Online World …

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PMI’s Guide on How to Escalate Risks

Risk ownership is a necessity at every level of an organization to ensure smooth business operations and project workflow. Else, a project’s growth might suffer due to the lack of accountability and timely escalations. To this end, the Project Management Institute has incorporated a new strategy in their directives to counter and escalate both types of risks, positive and negative. In this article at The Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall talks about how escalation could …

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How to Treat Project Threats and Opportunities?

Different kinds of risks form an essential part of our daily life – personal or professional. Risks can have a constructive or an adverse impact. Some of them might pose critical threats while others may be viewed as potential opportunities. Likewise, in projects, threats might not allow us to attain the project goals. However, there are also opportunities that might be risky in nature but could be productive if grabbed at the right time. In …

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10 Ways to Avoid the Breach of Risk Management Directives

In the majority of projects, project managers are often highly concerned regarding strict adherence to risk management practices and protocols. They are always busy ticking off the checkboxes thereby further complicating the overall process. In such scenarios, they are less likely to realize the true paybacks of risk management. In this article at The Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall talks about the common scenarios where project managers are most likely to make errors. He also …

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Newbie to IT Asset Management? 5 Tips for You

IT asset management (ITAM) is a business practice that aims to extend project cost and funding decisions by easing risk and improved IT services. In this article at Joe the IT Guy, Joe highlights the major challenges a newbie faces while implementing IT asset management business. Future Footsteps for Newbies The author suggests some impactful tips to ease your ITAM Journey: With ITAM, it is essential to set your scope. Determine what will make the …

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Appreciating the Opportunity Side of Risk Management

Risk management is not just about managing bad risks; it is also about managing good risks, otherwise known as “opportunities.” It could be the case that not enough businesses appreciate how much there is to gain for exploiting these good risks. In a post for Strategy Execution, Rick Graham analyzes why this could be the case and how to remedy ways of thinking. Managing the Bright Side Several thoughts could factor in to why opportunity …

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3 Reasons Your Project Team Can’t Meet Delivery Deadlines

Time is slipping, and your team is slipping with it. What happened that the project just seems to be getting away from you? In an article at DZone, Fred Wilson discusses three probable culprits: Over-commitment Not resolving issues on time Communication failure Time Isn’t on Your Side One sure way to miss deadlines is to commit to too many of them. Or even more likely, the team has committed to a lot of work because …

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