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For when managing is not enough

Tips on Using Agile Project Management

Every IT organization is focused towards the speedy delivery of products and services to its customers. The best possible solution available to ensure the same is the implementation of agile framework in the software development process. In this article at CIO UK, Thomas Macaulay presents some tips shared by some leading CIOs on how they have effectively used an agile methodology to scale up their business. Why Agile? Agile has gained much prominence in the …

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How Can Project Managers Handle a Tough Team Member?

Dealing with a new project does not always opens new avenues for the project managers. It also brings new challenges to them. These challenges may arise in the form of inadequate information, limited resources, or sometimes, inefficient team members. A successful project manager is the one who conquers all these emerging challenges and delivers the much-anticipated results to the stakeholders. In this article at Project Bliss, Leigh Espy suggests how the project managers can make …

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Crucial Role of a Business Analyst in Project Management

The role of a business analyst is to evaluate and research the activities required for a project to cover expected business gaps and inefficiencies in the delivery of a required solution. The business analysts extend support to the project process by bringing desired solutions to the unfortunate issues. They act as an expert who extends advice to project manager while guiding the project teams and stakeholders. In this article at PM Times, Nimil Parikh narrates …

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PMI’s Guide on How to Escalate Risks

Risk ownership is a necessity at every level of an organization to ensure smooth business operations and project workflow. Else, a project’s growth might suffer due to the lack of accountability and timely escalations. To this end, the Project Management Institute has incorporated a new strategy in their directives to counter and escalate both types of risks, positive and negative. In this article at The Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall talks about how escalation could …

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Tips to Drive Better Engagement for Strategic Projects

There is no denying that in the majority of projects strategy is not implemented unless there is some necessity or a need to drive the business in the right direction. Implementing your project strategy is more important than just communicating it. However, successful strategy execution necessitates suitable engagement of the affected project teams. In this article at the Strategy Execution, Elizabeth Harrin narrates how better engagement can drive the desired results for strategic projects. Keep …

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How to Brand Yourself as a Project Manager

With the rapidly evolving trends and growing competition, the job market has become tough and project management domain is certainly no exception. These days, companies have become extremely selective in hiring. In the world of business, if the project managers want to grab the best opportunity, they must stand out. In this article at ProjectManagement.com, Dave Wakeman with his fellow authors shares a list of ideas to create your image as a major contributor to …

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4 PMO and Leadership Tips to Avoid Pitfalls

A good project happens when a skilled manager and a team combat critical tasks together, covering all major and minor issues. A new project passes through a variety of pitfalls if every step is not taken carefully. It is the duty of a project manager to know how to avoid pitfalls that are likely to stop a project from becoming successful. Evading Risks In this article at Strategy Execution, a renowned project leadership coach, Susanne …

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Four Categories of Motivators at Work

Nobody does work just for the heck of it. There has to be a motivation compelling people to put in the effort. Research has been conducted into the various different ways that people are motivated to complete work. In a post at her website, project leadership coach Susanne Madsen shares Gretchen Rubin’s four categories of people and how they motivate themselves at work: Obliger Questioner Upholder Rebel Upholding Motivation Each of these categories has to …

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3 Leadership Techniques for Success

Great leadership is not a single set of best practices. Great leadership is more like, well, a game like Pokémon—where there are hundreds of unique and specialized techniques to play out in hundreds of different occasions. So it is always useful to read up on new techniques to expand your repertoire. In a post for Project Management Tips, Elizabeth Harrin shares three such tips: Share the project goals. Manage by walking around. Shield the team …

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How to Become a Better Coach to Your Team Members

When you make an honest-to-goodness effort to help your team members improve, they notice, and they appreciate it. Or at the very least, they appreciate it when you actually do a good job of it. Toward that end, in a post at her website, project leadership coach Susanne Madsen discusses a few potent tips for becoming a better coach. Coaching for Specific Effect First of all, it is important to understand the difference between giving …

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