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Why Do We Need A Project Business Case?

Decision-making while starting a new project involves a series of steps. The most primary step is developing a business case to justify the worthiness of the project. This document is most likely to help the stakeholders in understanding the importance of the project and finding suitable resources for it. In this article at TechRepublic, Moira Alexander shares why is it essential to develop a sound business case to present to decision makers before any project …

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Learn-at-Lunch: A Potential Approach to Save Time

With an aim to save cost and time, many firms are supplementing training and development with the new approach of ‘Learn-at-Lunch’. Occasionally using an hour of lunch for knowledge sharing can stimulate employee engagement. In this article at The Balance Careers, F. John Reh shares some productive ideas to implement this new approach in the organization. Time Investment Time is the most expensive investment for an organization and wasting precious working hours on training is …

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How to Conquer Project Roadblocks in 5 Easy Steps?

Delivering a successful project within the desired time frame is a well-defined journey. Like any voyage, even the project managers, who lead this journey, experience numerous roadblocks on their way. These roadblocks are mostly unpredictable and detour the project journey. Even though the project managers try hard to surpass these roadblocks by forming high-end strategies, some lessons are best learned the hard way. In this article, Elizabeth Harrin shares some major roadblocks the project managers …

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7 Sectors That Need Project Management System

It is a preconceived notion that project management is ruled by IT industry. But the ground reality is that right from the food industry to construction and even in automobiles, project management is applicable everywhere. In this article at PM Tips, Kritika Pandey presents how project management is evolving to an extent that it is profiting from all the big industries. PM in Industries  By keeping the basic elements of a network plan common, the …

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5 ‘Star Trek’ Learnings for Business Growth

When Gene Roddenberry created ‘Star Trek’, he implemented all his personal experiences of working under pressure. The series showcases almost ideal human look in an technologically advanced future. In this article at Business2Community, Eric Rosenberg suggests that the series has been covering business and commerce related topics since its early episodes. If implemented well in the real business world, these lessons can bring amazing outcomes. Insightful Takeaways The Trailblazing sci-fi series covers lessons like ‘how …

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Is Project Management the Right Career Choice?

While picking a career, people analyze the rewarding future outcomes of it first. But do you really apply any principles to this analysis? Project management itself is a principle that can be applied to any occupation or even personal projects. In this article at Project Bliss, Leigh Espy shares the for choosing project management as a career. These reasons are backed by her personal experience of 15 years as a project manager. Why is it …

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Create an Actionable ITSM Roadmap: 4 Ways

The IT Service Management (ITSM) practices need a transformation to compete in the present business world. With the growth of cloud, big data, social media analytics, and the Internet of Things, IT services are reorganizing the entire industry. In this article at ITSM.Tools, Richard Josey shares a checklist to plot an actionable ITSM roadmap for this highly disruptive business environment. Time to Change Even though, transformation in the need of the hour, every organization takes …

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IT Outsourcing: The Real Picture

With an aim to tackle market uncertainties and witness tangible improvements in the business, many organizations outsource IT function. Outsourcing helps in retaining limited resources while reducing the operating cost of the company. In this article at IT Chronicles, Nathan Sykes talks about the factors encouraging the need for IT outsourcing. The global outsourcing market has reached $88.9 billion in 2017 while the present year is expected to boost this figure even more. How Does …

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Tips to Manage Ambitious Team

Being ambitious is essential for a business as it drives the need to try harder, innovate, bring out creative solutions and constantly strive for improvement. In the corporate world, finding ambitious team members is easy but retaining them for long is tough. Identifying and fostering ambition leads to business growth, but what if ambitious team members start looking for better growth prospects? In this article at Help Scout, Martin Kõiva talks about the need for …

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Is Your Project Failing? Identify Scope Risks in 8 Ways

Scope risks push projects towards failure. There can be two reasons—you lack knowledge about the scope or you do not know how to identify risks. This could land your project in serious trouble. In this article at Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall discusses 8 ways you can identify scope risks in your project. What Are Scope Risks and How to Identify Them Events and conditions that can create a significant positive or negative impact on …

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