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Prepare for Disaster with Right Communication Plan

Natural disasters or calamities never give prior information and time to prepare. Over one-third of small businesses do not plans for natural disasters or severe catastrophies while larger firms do have business continuity and disaster recovery plans, but do not account specifically for weather-related events. In this article at Risk Management, Aaron Charlesworth shares some effective ways that can help businesses go a long way towards mitigating damage with careful preparation. Plan First Advance planning …

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Learn the Art of Project Schedule Estimate: 3 Ways

Schedule estimation is a process that needs gradual refinement, to be done in several phases of the project development. Each project estimate should be refined to give a converged estimate towards the project end. When framing plans before starting a project, there is insufficient information to estimate with any degree of accuracy. In this article at The Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall explains ways to combat project estimation challenges and suggests some techniques to respond …

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Team Motivation Can Bring Out More: 5 Tips

A leader is as good as his team. It is his job to set the bar, inspire, and motivate the team to reach greater heights. The fundamentals of leadership do not change in good or bad times. But if you constantly motivate your team, each team member will lead you through the hard times. In this article at Team Gantt, Laura LaPrad shares some motivational tips to help the team cross the finish line faster …

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7 Tips to Put Together a Winning Remote Team

Forming a team with the cream crowd of the industry is no game. But virtual team building has made this unrealistic task easy. Still, hiring a par excellence candidate onboard can have terrible consequences like productivity loss, major workflow interruptions and so on. In this article at Remote.co, Jennifer Parris shares her perspective on the hiring of remote workers that will help you assemble a strong remote team. Give Before Taking Like any regular employee, …

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Can You Identify Your Mobile Product Manager?

Do you want to work in the world of mobile app development? And, you do not have any clue about the prospective product manager’s attitude, method of work, and behavior, apart from the expectations from you. Then, be ready to deal with these characteristics in the future. In this article at Business2Community, Hannah Levenson defines types of mobile product managers existing in the world of app development. Knowing about their traits will help you guard …

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5 Reasons to Hire Resources with a Higher Emotional Quotient

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to remain aware, hold control and express emotions to handle interpersonal relationships gently. To take the lead, having a cohesive work culture is the need of the hour for a strong business. In this article at Inc.com, Denese Skinner explains that a conceptualized hiring strategy can lead to hiring best-fit employees. However, making a good hiring decision starts by creating a highly detailed and specific job description designed to …

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Tips to ‘Password Protect’ Your Work Problems

Hackers have become the biggest threat for technology. Even password protected documents are not safe anymore, in fact, it’s getting worse. It is crucial to spread awareness among employees not to commit the most common password mistakes and to keep it secure. In this article at Risk Management Magazine, Csaba Krasznay suggests ways to deal with the unfortunate risks of password hacking and keeping the organization data safe with password protection. Security Slab This may …

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How Project Managers Rise in Rough Weather?

The project managers are not fortunate enough to deal with pleasant work conditions every day. They have to deal with various unforeseen circumstances. Each day brings a new challenge or opportunity to them. In this article at Project-Management, Reshmi Sujesh shares a case study to evaluate the role of a project manager, highlighting the situations they deal with. The Case Study A project manager receives a mail from his release manager, right before the launch …

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Guard Your Venture with These Risk Management Tips

The success of a venture largely depends on the company’s ability to recognize and manage risks. Being the second name of the business, risk is everywhere. With the fast-growing digital and interconnected global environment, business risks are occurring with even greater frequency. In this article at Infiniti Research, Anirban Choudhury explains that constant innovations and change in ways to operate have increased the chances of risk in organizations. Therefore, conventional measures are not enough to …

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Beginners Guide to IT Portfolio Management: 6 Tips

The project portfolio management (PPM) is a process familiar to the project managers and PMOs. PPM helps in analyzing the return on a project by uniting and organizing every bit of data for a proposed and ongoing project. In this article at Thinking Portfolio, the author shares some productive tricks for the PPM beginners to ease their way. The PPM managers are responsible for predicting and analyzing risks for the companies aiming to invest in …

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