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Open a Window: Using Data and Self-Awareness to Remove Organizational Blind Spots

In 1955 the American psychologists Joseph Luft and Harrington Igham developed a technique to help individuals place themselves in context to the world and the people around them. This technique originated in the study of group dynamics and organizational behavior at the University of California and is a feedback/disclosure model of self-awareness. By combining the first names of the technique’s founders, this model came to be known as the Johari Window, represented by four quadrants. …

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ITSM Outside IT: Using It in Operational Processes

When chaos ensues and the operational team is overwhelmed by adversity, there is a very simple solution: service management. IT service management (ITSM) is not just for IT, and its ideologies can be applied across the board in the business realm. In a post for AXELOS, Claire Agutter explores the potential for other uses. Clever New Applications There is some difference when it comes to managing different departments because some departments have very differing needs. …

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Software Nightmare at 37,000 ft.

There’s something about a long, nighttime flight that focusses the mind. Whether it’s the feeling of being held captive, or the grinning steward charging you an arm and a leg for a G & T and some nuts; it could just be the feeling of powerlessness, or perhaps the sense of injustice that the guy with the open-toed sandals and the adenoid problem has chosen to sit beside you. Hostages, extortion, injustice. It all sounds …

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How ITIL Can Help Cloud Services

The cloud has made technology services cheaper, without question. ITIL is the perennial darling service management framework that (most) people enjoy applying to their organizations. In an article for Network World, Branimir Valentic explains how the cloud and ITIL can join together for one of the most effective IT relationships yet. A Bigger, Fluffier Cloud Valentic finds that, very generally, the two things that the cloud and ITIL have in common are services and processes. …

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How Knowledge Management Overcomes the High Cost of Ignorance

A few weeks back I bumped into a friend of mine who is working as an application manager at a large food distribution centre. After the usual updates on what was new, she delved into a story about one of their legacy applications that was a pain point. In essence the problem was that the tool was not scalable, and it was this way because of change management. I admit at first when I heard …

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Are APIs the New ITIL?

From one side, as-a-service providers speak to customers in the language of APIs, while outsourcing providers speak in the language of ITIL. Like leaving one’s native country, the frustration of dealing with a new language can lead to single syllables and frantic hand gestures. Stanton Jones elaborates on this clash of the IT service platforms in an article for Computerworld. The ITIL and API The ITIL language grew out of a culture that was concerned …

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Where is the ITSM Industry Going?

The latest ITSM trends were revealed in an extensive Navvia survey covered by Roy Atkinson and Stephen Mann. Mann discusses several intriguing numbers from the study in an article for Computerworld UK. Many of the results were surprising. Others were not. 69, 52, and 63 Not a Surprise: 69% report VP level or higher support for their ITSM program. ITSM is a hot item: ITSM needs investment so it’s unsurprising that such senior support is …

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COBOL Leads Us Back to the Future

News flash: COBOL may be back in style. Sure, it’s one of the most “verbose” programming languages available, its compilations reading like a Victorian novel. But Curtis Franklin Jr. for InformationWeek thinks it has a “whiff of the ‘retro-cool’ about it”: COBOL has been around since Eisenhower sat in the Oval Office. At one time, it was estimated that 80% of all business applications were written in COBOL — a total that represented more than …

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Only You Can Prevent Service Desk Fires!

The word “firefighting” comes to mind when most professionals think of the IT service desk. But service technicians never agreed to be firefighters. Their resultant “burnout” is proof that ITSM needs a better approach to service – one that can scale services while decreasing costs to deliver maximum value to customers. In an article for the ITSM Review, Sid Suri explains why a new brand of IT-DevOps is needed to proactively alert IT to technical …

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Does ITIL Fit the New Style of IT?

Lately, it may seem as if ITIL doesn’t quite belong at the cool IT kids’ table. But HP’s Tony Price is unequivocal in his opinion that ITIL is still the coolest kid of all. All it needs is a new style, a makeover of sorts. In an article for ServiceDesk360, Price discusses the steps that are necessary to bring ITIL up to date with IT. Let’s be perfectly honest, mainframes are no longer “in.” Now …

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