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3 Reasons Why Your Digital Initiatives Are Failing

Digital initiatives are revolutionizing work dynamics and businesses like ever before. 21% of 1,559 business leaders think they have successfully completed the digitization process. However, that is a misconception that CIOs hold. As per Forrester analyst Ted Schadler, digital transformation is an incremental progress. In this article at CIO, Clint Boulton reveals the 3 reasons why your digital initiatives are failing. 3 Misconceptions About Digital Initiatives Schadler opines that companies must continuously drive innovation and …

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Governance in Digital Era: Future Needs

Governance is one of the most coveted terms in the IT industry. That is why many family-owned companies are practicing governance and benchmarking to counter their corporate rivals. But, conventional methods adopted by these family businesses restrict new innovations and talent. This will hamper their scope to flourish in the digital age. Therefore, the digital quotient of the venture should be aligned with its business plan. In this article at the Business Times, Jonathan Ho …

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How Risks Can Make or Break Brand Value

Risks are threats that are yet to become issues. With new technologies empowering customers, neglecting risks can affect your company’s brand value too. Facebook learned it the hard way. In this article at InformationWeek, John Edwards shared the views of Steven Minsky, the CEO of enterprise risk management software provider LogicManager, in this regard. Playing with Risks Minsky, the author of “The State of Risk Management in 2018,” opines that companies are experiencing a “see-through …

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Are You Confident About GDPR Compliance? These CIOs Are

The GDPR regulation will come into effect today. 70 percent of CIO 100 members are sure they are complying with the regulations or are confident about their progress. In this article at CIO, Thomas Macaulay gives you a glimpse of what the CIOs are thinking about the new regulation. Going the GDPR Way While the majority of CIOs have confidence with the GDPR strategy, 4 percent are doubtful and 1 percent fear failure. Elizabeth Denham, …

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Program and Portfolio Management: 5 Trends

Program and portfolio managers can no longer use predictive models to carry on with project goals till the end. The market dynamics compel projects to be extremely agile and disruptive. Gartner’s “Survey Analysis: PPM Leadership in the Era of Digital Business Requires Speed, Change and Collaboration” conveys that 87 percent of organizations believe that rate of change is becoming faster. Additionally, 89 percent responded that project lifecycles are speeding up as well. In this article …

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Quick Learning of ITSM Basics

Enough has been said and done about IT service management (ITSM). Internet is loaded with guide books, definitions, instances and courses for amateur users. But still many find it difficult to consume all this information. In this article at ITSM.Tools, Emma Jocelyn shares her personal experience and learning about ITSM basics to help you understand if you are following the right approach. ITSM Awareness The author shares when she wanted to change her career, it …

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6 Ways Digital Marketers Can Employ Big Data

The big data process is about collecting and storing large amount of data to analyze and predict potential customer base. If applied accurately, big data has the ability to change the buying behavior of customers. In this article at IT Chronicles, Nick Brown notifies how big data can help in adjusting part of a marketing campaign that may bring better returns and opportunities with minor investments. Integrate Analytics The conventional marketing campaigns were limited to …

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5 Security Mistakes Done by IT Employees

Cybersecurity is a point of major concern for most IT companies these days. Every company spends millions of dollars to upgrade their security systems and lead a peaceful life. However, as a surprising fact, the majority of cyber incidents happen due to the negligence of the company employees. In this article at TechRepublic, Tom Merritt lists out the five major cyber blunders that employees commit. The Surprising Facts A 2017 survey by Kaspersky Lab suggests …

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Facebook Moving Towards New Privacy Experience

In wake of the recent data leakage incident, Facebook is striving hard to rebuild its image when it comes to user data privacy and security. In this news update, IDG News Service brings out some important changes that Facebook is willing to implement to regain the trust and confidence of its users. What’s New? As an initial step, Facebook wants to empower the users with their own decision-making ability. They want the users to decide …

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Check If Your PPM Solution Is Current with These Metrics

Project portfolio management (PPM) aids leaders in the decision-making process. The associated tools in this sphere have undergone significant changes to match up to the market standards. However, before you renew your license, check if your existing solution is the most updated one. In this article at CPS, Chris Aslett talks about how to use metrics to know whether your PPM solution is up-to-date. Is Your PPM Solution Current? PPM is a complex process, and …

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