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How to Get Started with the Tough Tasks: Better Late Than Never

In our work life, most of us face a situation when we try to put off certain tasks that might be important to us. Reason being that we are often scared to deal with tough tasks. It could be something like writing a delicate mail or preparing a business proposal. We try to delay such tasks thinking that something might go wrong. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Peter Bregman shares why is it …

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Emotional Intelligence: A Leader’s Gain

In every professional setup, leadership is all about how you use your emotional intelligence to address different issues or scenarios. Apart from governing their own emotions, leaders also need to empathize with their teams. Thus, effective leadership purely comes from enhancing your emotional quotient. In this article at The Enterprises Project, Paul Heltzel talks about the key behavioral traits that are essential to building a strong leadership practice. What to Rely on? Leaders are always …

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10 Signs It’s Time to Switch Your Job

For every professional, a job change can be quite challenging, especially if you are well-settled in your existing profession. However, every career is likely to reach a saturation point at some time. The prospect of a new job or a better opportunity can be always tempting in such scenarios. In this article at CIO, Paul Heltzel talks about 10 indications that tell you it’s time to look out. But Why? CIO recently conducted a global …

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Change Your Company Culture to Experience Real Business Growth

A business must be consistent with its growth trajectory to be called successful. A lot of business leaders prefer growth through mergers and acquisitions. However, to experience real growth, you must cultivate a culture of innovation across the organization. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Mark Bonchek and his co-authors share how changing your company mindset would help in growing your business on its own. Experiencing Business Growth Majority of organizations that tried to …

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Why is it Necessary to Change the Organization Culture?

Very often, you might hear management executives, consultants or leadership experts about driving a change in the company’s work culture and aiming to cut down the negative vibes, criticism, and lack of innovation. In this article at Strategy+Business, Jon Katzenbach and his fellow authors explain why it is necessary to drive these change initiatives immediately as you plan them. What is Corporate Culture? A company’s culture reflects the basic principles that the employees adhere to …

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Is an IT Apprenticeship Scheme Necessary?

In this rapidly evolving technology space, the availability of skilled IT professionals is an essential need for every organization. However, according to recent research studies IT talent supply across companies is falling short of the demand. In this scenario, should the CIOs consider implementing an apprenticeship program to nurture good talent? Laurie Clark from CIO UK shares some industry statistics highlighting that about 69 percent CIOs fail to hire talent that can drive digital transformation. …

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Great Work Cultures Are Result of Great Employees

Many organizations claim to have a great work culture. However, the underlying definition of a ‘great work culture’ is often misinterpreted. Many firms might equate it with perks, social activities, employee welfare initiatives, or the way things are executed by the company. But, an organization needs to look beyond that while defining work culture. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Melissa Daimler shares her knowledge of working as an HR for twenty years and …

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How Leaders Can Fight Workplace Discrimination: 4 Steps

Workplace discrimination happens in almost all companies. The lack of understanding and resistance to variance in opinions create this problem. We tend to gravitate to a decision based on previous experiences and see a current situation through the same lens. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, E.G. Nadhan talks about the 4 steps you can take to fight workplace discrimination. 4 Steps to Stop Workplace Discrimination You can make a conscious effort to stop …

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4 Amazing Ways Leaders Can Appreciate Employees

Leaders should treat employees with utmost care, as their effort allows visions to become reality. A returned smile too can boost morale. To realize benefits, you must make more efforts, though. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Robert Pischke shares 4 amazing ways you can win hearts of the employees. 4 Ways to Appreciate Employees To boost employee morale and productivity, you must ramp up the office space. To help employees get up to …

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How CIOs Can Build Future-Proof Organizations

CIOs play a pivotal role in making a company future-proof. The key differentiator is that they think technology and processes from a strategic point of view that is based in the future. They also are key enablers that encourage teams to take ownership of their products or services. In this article at CIO, Myles F. Suer talks about how CIOs strive to build a future-proof organization. Futuristic CIOs Depending on CIOs, organizations define their technological …

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