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How will AI Increase Business for Industries?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be incorporated into businesses more as organizations strive to accommodate the new technology. A survey report published in 2018 by Narrative Science and the National Business Research Institute states that 60 percent companies have already integrated AI. They are trying out further avenues as well. In this article at TechRepublic, Jonathan Greig discusses how the technology can increase businesses for industries. AI Increasing Business As per 2018 Gartner surveys, AI will …

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Are You Confident About GDPR Compliance? These CIOs Are

The GDPR regulation will come into effect today. 70 percent of CIO 100 members are sure they are complying with the regulations or are confident about their progress. In this article at CIO, Thomas Macaulay gives you a glimpse of what the CIOs are thinking about the new regulation. Going the GDPR Way While the majority of CIOs have confidence with the GDPR strategy, 4 percent are doubtful and 1 percent fear failure. Elizabeth Denham, …

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4 Amazing Ways Leaders Can Appreciate Employees

Leaders should treat employees with utmost care, as their effort allows visions to become reality. A returned smile too can boost morale. To realize benefits, you must make more efforts, though. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Robert Pischke shares 4 amazing ways you can win hearts of the employees. 4 Ways to Appreciate Employees To boost employee morale and productivity, you must ramp up the office space. To help employees get up to …

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How CIOs Can Build Future-Proof Organizations

CIOs play a pivotal role in making a company future-proof. The key differentiator is that they think technology and processes from a strategic point of view that is based in the future. They also are key enablers that encourage teams to take ownership of their products or services. In this article at CIO, Myles F. Suer talks about how CIOs strive to build a future-proof organization. Futuristic CIOs Depending on CIOs, organizations define their technological …

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How the New IT Automation Is Both Lean and Effective

Enterprise automation tools like ERP systems, CRM applications, and product lifecycle management software are big IT initiatives that need large investments. As per Gartner, global spending on enterprise software is going to spike up to 9.5 percent, i.e., from $355 billion in 2017 to $389 billion in 2018. However, with RPA, machine learning, and NLP systems, automation will cease to be a big investment with longer break-even points. In this article at strategy+business, Dan Priest …

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How to Be Change-Adaptive?

Work culture in every industry or organization has undergone a huge transformation in the recent years. Long back, employees and senior executives in any company were pretty much content with a stable work environment that ensured constructive business and personal growth. However, the perception has changed now. The ‘stability’ factor has been replaced by ‘change management’ strategies. In this article at Strategy+Business, John Jones and his fellow authors share 10 basic principles of managing change …

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Facebook Moving Towards New Privacy Experience

In wake of the recent data leakage incident, Facebook is striving hard to rebuild its image when it comes to user data privacy and security. In this news update, IDG News Service brings out some important changes that Facebook is willing to implement to regain the trust and confidence of its users. What’s New? As an initial step, Facebook wants to empower the users with their own decision-making ability. They want the users to decide …

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7 Ways to Be Super-Productive

Productivity defines your working style and how much ownership you can take. Thus, organizations broadly classify their workforce into three categories – under-productive, productive and super-productive. Most professionals seem happy and content executing the work assigned to them. However, some of them are super active and quick when it comes to delivering assignments and taking an extra load without stressing themselves. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman share some …

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6 Tips to Convince Stakeholders to Talk Your Language

Convincing stakeholders and getting their continuous support is necessary for a project’s success. Project managers know it is not an easy feat, especially when they must cater to varied interests of stakeholders. In this article at TechRepublic, Moira Alexander shares 6 tips to help you convince stakeholders to talk your language. Winning Stakeholder Support From sponsors to team members, all can be termed as stakeholders. When they come to a consensus about project deliverables, it …

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Want to Retain IT Employees? Personalize Their Perks

Traditional perks for IT employees include healthcare, vacation tickets, etc. However, to make them stay back in your company, you must think better than these usual benefits. In this article at CIO, Sharon Florentine talks about how personalizing perks as per IT employees’ lifestyle should prove more beneficial. What’s in an IT Perk? During a talk in a Volvo dealership association in Sweden, one of the leaders suggested offering a beer tap and kegs to …

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