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How to Get Started with the Tough Tasks: Better Late Than Never

In our work life, most of us face a situation when we try to put off certain tasks that might be important to us. Reason being that we are often scared to deal with tough tasks. It could be something like writing a delicate mail or preparing a business proposal. We try to delay such tasks thinking that something might go wrong. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Peter Bregman shares why is it …

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Why Do We Need A Project Business Case?

Decision-making while starting a new project involves a series of steps. The most primary step is developing a business case to justify the worthiness of the project. This document is most likely to help the stakeholders in understanding the importance of the project and finding suitable resources for it. In this article at TechRepublic, Moira Alexander shares why is it essential to develop a sound business case to present to decision makers before any project …

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What Do You Miss While Driving Enterprise Transformation?

Goal setting is essential for every business or initiative to survive successfully. However, you also need a person or a resource that can drive or align your business towards the desired goal. This where strategic planning comes into play. In this article at ThoughtWorks, Dan McClure talks about the importance of having a person in place who can steer your business or digital transformations goals in the right direction. What’s the Point? The traditional business …

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6 Ways Keeping a Journal Makes You a Better Leader

As a leader, your brain must process bits of information collected over time and align them with your experience. However, with the influx of digital organizers and social media, you feel provoked to like, reply, and share information at the drop of a hat. In this article at strategy+business, Eric J. McNulty narrates how a journal enhances your leadership abilities. 6 Journal Tips to a Leader In this fast-paced world, keeping a digital journal seems …

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Will GDPR Bring Down the Curtain on Blockchain?

After GDPR came into effect on May 25, 2018, industry leaders are wondering about its effect on innovative technologies like blockchain. In fact, the law has been created to empower users against data misuse during this digital transformation era. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Laurianne McLaughlin talks about a way around GDPR. GDPR and Blockchain: The Way Around Red Hat evangelist Gordon Haff narrates that once a data goes on a blockchain, you …

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Win Your Digital Goals with Communication

In this digital era, innovation requires strong communication and collaboration at every organizational level. Only then, a company can truly achieve its digital transformation goals. However, establishing such a robust communication framework is a tough job, especially in a multi-national firm or a company with varied functional streams. In this article at Tech Republic, Dan Patterson shared some excerpts on digital innovation from his interview with Peter Jensen, Moleskine’s Head of Digital Innovation. The Digital …

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Emotional Intelligence: A Leader’s Gain

In every professional setup, leadership is all about how you use your emotional intelligence to address different issues or scenarios. Apart from governing their own emotions, leaders also need to empathize with their teams. Thus, effective leadership purely comes from enhancing your emotional quotient. In this article at The Enterprises Project, Paul Heltzel talks about the key behavioral traits that are essential to building a strong leadership practice. What to Rely on? Leaders are always …

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10 Signs It’s Time to Switch Your Job

For every professional, a job change can be quite challenging, especially if you are well-settled in your existing profession. However, every career is likely to reach a saturation point at some time. The prospect of a new job or a better opportunity can be always tempting in such scenarios. In this article at CIO, Paul Heltzel talks about 10 indications that tell you it’s time to look out. But Why? CIO recently conducted a global …

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Change Your Company Culture to Experience Real Business Growth

A business must be consistent with its growth trajectory to be called successful. A lot of business leaders prefer growth through mergers and acquisitions. However, to experience real growth, you must cultivate a culture of innovation across the organization. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Mark Bonchek and his co-authors share how changing your company mindset would help in growing your business on its own. Experiencing Business Growth Majority of organizations that tried to …

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How Technology Is Changing the World as We See It

Technology is playing is a big role in today’s world. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and internet of things, etc. are becoming commonplace scenarios for people in general. In this article at ZDNet, Steve Ranger shares the views of Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella regarding technology and its impact on the world. How Technology Changed Everything Around Us Nadella is amazed by the penetrative power that technology has gathered in public domains. He notes that every …

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