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AI is A Boon for Project Managers. Learn How

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now an omnipresent force driving all industries. AI’s role in daily life is tremendous and expected to grow even stronger in the days to come. The future of AI is not merely tied to some specific innovations. AI-based project management tools are well advanced in implementing the typical project manager’s administrative responsibilities – from scheduling to analyzing the working team’s patterns. In this article at PM Times, Marcus Udokang explains how artificial intelligence enhances project managers’ role.

Benefits to Project Managers

Project Management Assistance

AI effectively handles scheduling, follow-ups, and reminders while eliminating the need for human input. This saves project managers’ time and ensures that nothing is overlooked. Several studies have indicated that project managers spend more than half of their productive time on administrative tasks such as managing the updates or dealing with check-ins. AI bots can step up and handle these routine tasks.

Data Accuracy

By improving data accuracy, AI allows project managers to interpret the data better. Automating workflows, predicting risks, preventing cost overruns, or digging deeper into data for real-time insights helps project managers spend more time on the project’s human side. “AI allows the PM to provide more succinct strategic advice to the business, to be a more substantial leader providing value outcomes, rather than simply being a manager,” explains Marcus.

Predictive Analysis

AI allows project managers to observe how a project is moving and make educated predictions about the future of a project. AI can observe projects and individual team members’ behavior and recognize factors that might lead to schedule conflicts. Further, it can suggest an alternate completion date if the scheduling is off track. In fact, AI is capable of monitoring budgets and scheduling too.

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