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Why Do You Need to Analyze Social Media Risks?

When you are measuring cybersecurity risks, why should not you analyze social media risks? Instead of establishing parameters for that, organizations are pausing their social media campaigns. Some are even rejecting the use of certain digital platforms for increased vulnerabilities. That is not a long-term solution. In this article at Gartner, Barika Pace shares why and how you must capture social media risks.

Social Media Risks: What Are They?

Can you imagine not measuring the risks related to supply chain, cybersecurity, privacy, legal, and compliance? No. Why do we then maintain simple metrics like engagement, clicks, and shares and not social media risks? As more organizations invest in marking their digital presence, these risks are going to evolve. Some brands have taken it a bit more seriously. For example, Facebook says that they were successful in removing 89 percent of their social media risks. Here are the reasons you should consider measuring the risks of your social media marketing:

  • User engagement is decreasing due to misdirected advertisements.
  • 56 percent of Gen Z customers would quit a social media platform if too security breaches occur.
  • Digital marketing teams are working on solutions to create a secure digital space for their customers and their content.

Here are the actionable steps to reduce social media risks:

Vet Them Too

Leaders and senior management have given a leeway to social media marketing for a long time. Digital business is crucial now. So, sit down and vet the terms and conditions, SLAs, incident response plan, and digital protocols.

Do Not Reject Digital Platforms

Instead of banning the use of social media platforms, have strategies that can address such issues. For organic traffic, have long-term strategies that can help mitigate risks and build up your reputation gradually.

Make Tools and Data Accessible

Use social media analytics platforms to measure your performance in the digital space. Make the data available in all functions so that the teams understand the level of risks they incur.

Document Critical Components

Keep a record of the data you are sharing among stakeholders. Keep a note of the campaigns and social media rates.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://blogs.gartner.com/barika-pace/revoke-the-free-pass-social-media-platforms-must-be-vetted-like-any-other-supplier-risk/

Indrani Roy

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