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Accountability Gaps PPM Leaders Must Address

Apart from being dedicated and having multi-tasking abilities, PPM leaders are also brimming with accountability. The catch is, not everyone around you takes ownership as seriously as you do. This disengagement ruins your effort to increase the chance of project success. In this article at PMWorld 360, Jan Schiller shares how PPM leaders can catch and mitigate accountability gaps in the team.

Accountability Gaps and Remedies

Being Invisible

PPM leaders always have to send these stakeholders repeated reminders, emails, and calls before they respond. Express how valuable their opinions are for the project progress to improve engagement.

Always Unavailable

They are never on time for meetings. Instead of starting the standups late because of them, put their tasks on the top of the priority list. Indicate in the emails how many days have gone since your request.

More Details Required

The stakeholders always develop new requirements, like more details on the feature before they approve things. Politely inform them that they have all the information.

Agree to All Decisions

No matter what you decide, they agree to it all. Either the executives are not interested in the project, or they are not the right stakeholders. Search for involved and engaged participants soon.

Too Much Attention to Details

They have questions for everything, even for the non-essential processes. Discuss how you and the team can tackle those but need to have their approvals for the critical ones.

Ignoring Explanation

They never explain why they are not as involved as you expected. Simulate a crisis. If the stakeholders are interested, they will get involved.

More Theories, Less Practical

Theories and ideas are thrown in every meeting. PPM leaders must ask how to align those in the project.

Poor Attention Span

While you are explaining your presentation, they are texting emails to others or displaying restlessness. Understand the underlying reasons for their disengagement.

Added Layers of Analysis

They want to analyze more while you are postponing the start of the project every day. PPM leaders must convince stakeholders how their solutions are better and are scalable with time.

Avoiding Criticality

They do not want to be the authority to make critical decisions. Support them while they decide which path would provide better ROIs.

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