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Utilize 3 Tech Risk Tactics After the COVID-19 Crisis

IT professionals are stretched too thin to accommodate the sudden shift in the workplace model. They had to supply employees with tools, network access, and protection from cybersecurity within days. The workload will increase as companies begin to realize the perks of having a hybrid work environment—physical and virtual. How can you cope with the increasing demands? In this article at InformationWeek, Nicole Lauer, Vivek Mehta, Joshua Galva share three tech risk tactics that you can implement after the COVID-19 crisis.

Game-changing Tech Risk Tactics

Organizations are planning to move more of their infrastructure on the cloud to enable remote work environment. They would want to purchases more licenses and network upgrades for the futuristic model. This is where tech risk managers must help them in understanding the risks they must tackle and get rid of. Here are the three tech risk tactics that you can apply to maintain consistency in product development and service delivery:

Reassessing Risk Appetite

In a few months there has been a sharp rise in cybersecurity attacks. It is not possible to shut down operations for critical areas, so organizations must reassess their risk tolerance levels. They should brainstorm how much they can play around with risk to get the same return on investment. CIOs and CISOs must have regular meetings with stakeholders to listen to their concerns and views and take proactive measures based on their terms.

Counting the Risks

Since business leaders depend heavily on the IT departments regarding tech risk tactics, you should the quantifying risks wherever possible. It will help them understand the intensity of the impacts. They would be able to make informed decisions before investing in high-risk initiatives. They would be more proactive in redirecting funds before all is lost during the recovery process.

Addressing Skills Shortage

Since the majority of the businesses have shifted to virtual platforms, IT skills are in high demand. Encourage people to cross-train skills to mitigate the scarcity. Responsibilities and criticality will increase for tech risk managers soon. Since the future is yet to unravel, it is better to stay prepared with the tech risk tactics.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.informationweek.com/strategic-cio/security-and-risk-strategy/post-pandemic-tech-risk-considerations-/a/d-id/1338138

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