IT Rationalization: CIOs’ Only Choice to Slash Tool Sprawl

Tool sprawl is a needless redundancy and misuse of IT systems that result in ineffective speed, inefficient customer needs, and data bifurcation. It is one of the causes of persistent issues affecting data filing and causing other disruptions in IT management. In this article at Security Boulevard, Sean McDermott describes tool sprawl as one of the prime cybersecurity concerns. It often transpires due to overlaps caused by the rapid but ineffective adoption of new technologies. It creates gaps in the backend of an IT infrastructure. 

Root Causes of a Security Gap

According to a Gartner report, tool sprawl is one of the most common challenges of vigilance that CISOs and CIOs face. It may become prevalent if not taken care of in the initial phase.

The IT tools market is rapidly expanding and creating significant security gaps. With multiple tools in use, finding the one that can disrupt the whole infrastructure is challenging. So, what could be the most unusual approach to prevent security incidents caused by tool sprawl?

The Right Solution

IT application rationalization employs new steps to keep pace with the accelerated transformations across the industry. Automated portfolio auditing processes identify the existing gaps and aid CIOs to make informed changes. The chief information security officers must have the authority to own application rationalization. Follow the reasons:

  • CISOs have the knowledge and a clear understanding of the growing security concerns in the IT industry. From a software asset to a blind spot, they understand your organization’s requirements. They are capable of handling IT asset management while focusing on practical application rationalization.
  • The C-suite must initiate transformative process optimization policies to achieve growth. By empowering the CISOs with the application rationalization process within the tools portfolio, the board can implement standard operating procedures. It reduces the need to purchase more tools. The CISO signs off on these purchases following the application rationalization processes by evaluating existing capabilities.
  • The CISOs must focus on cost optimization. Using multiple tools across the diverse divisions poses an overlapping threat. Since organizations lack in IT tools rationalization, a strategic process proves reliable to maintain the IT infrastructure. It gives the CISOs complete control over all the blind spots and existing security risks.

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